Sunday, 30 August 2009

We're back!

Hello every bloggie from Paddy,

After everything we have been through - D and C decided a nice restful break in the lake District was required.  So we loaded up the moving kennel and were off for a week!  We stayed on a lovely farm - with tasty - I mean - sweet sheep.  Unfortunately the wall around the garden was only 1foot high - which caused D and C anxious moments- Sally got the message not to jump over - but those sheep were calling me to them! Honest!  I just wanted to go over and 'play'.  Really...

There were lots of great farm animals incluing some very friendly cows.  The news has been saying that they are mean and will trample you - but they were sweet and kept trying to lick me and Sally - which isn't as sweet as it sounds since they have very rough tongues - do you think they were tasting me...Here are photos of us meeting our new 'friends'

We had lots of fun - lots of walks on the beach, hikes in the country side - and sadly trips in the car to Charity Shops and little antique Fairs - but it did rain every so often and D jumped at the chance to hijack us and force us to look at Bric-a-Brac!  Which was ok as I love hanging out the window of the car...

Heres some photos of happier, non-antique related times...

We loved our walks because we usually ended up in a Pub - here I am looking longingly at a pub that serves lovely food - all I got was chicken - how very disappointing ...

So to make up for it - I decided to roll in poo - if I cannot eat - at least I will have some joy in my life....
We weren't the most welcome diners after this ...

But we ended every day the same - nice and warm at the cottage - curled up - we were so tired we even forgot to sleep on separate couches....

I had some trouble with my back - but my pancreatitis stayed away - we want to thank everyone again for all their support - we will be coming round the blogs to see what everyone has been up to - so, smell ya later...

Lots of licks


  1. Hiya Paddy

    Now that looked like a wonderful break away. We are all most impressed you found some nice poo to roll in, jolly good for one's complexion.

    Loved the photo of you at Wastwater!

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  2. Heehee! Looks like you had a great time - I mean, any time you can roll in poo is a good time! Looks like you had a lot of excitement, too, if that sleepy picture is any indication!

    *kissey face*

  3. Um...Paddy...that pic of you hangin' ur head out the window could win a look totally adorable...

    However, (Lacie puts a clothespin over her delicate nose, smearing her nosecare...)

    that one with you half covered in poop

    OMDOMDOMDOMD...did they put ya back in the car? Was it from a cow??? OH MY!

    As for the sheep....

    Got any mint jelly????


    Pee ess..I peemailed ur sissy....

  4. Well you are looking fabulous our darling Paddy and you Sally are being a wonderfull sister..What's that Archie?Unlike your sister? Excuse me kids I have to take care of something....You look like you had a great time and for that we are so so happy!! Love and a billion kisses A+A

  5. Ciao Paddy and Sally!

    Fantastico trip there, miei amici! The photos of the scenery were bellissima, and your narrative was eccellente!I'm so glad you had such a meraviglioso time!!

    Tanti baci!

  6. What nice pikhs!

    Tank woo fur sharing!

    I'm soooo furry happy woo are khontinuing to rekhover!


  7. we love the photo of you smiling back at the camera over your shoulder, with the view in the background.
    Inky thinks that you shoudl definitely roll in poo, whenever the opportunity arises, especially if the dinner service isn't that great. There is only one way to teach them...

  8. I am so happy to read of your wonderful trip. You all deserved it after that scary Paddy ordeal. Those cowdogs were pretty big, I am glad there was a fence to protect you.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  9. It looks like you had a beautiful trip. And we're so glad that Paddy is feeling so much better. That little guy really gave us a fright!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  10. What a pretty place to vacation! The sights and smells of poop must have been heavenly. I can't imagine why those pub-goers didn't enjoy your perfume.

  11. Paddy. We are so glad you are feeling better and out and about. That trip to the country looked like just the right thing for fresh air (well, maybe not always so fresh, but pleasant nonetheless) and cow poo and kisses. You look like you are in dreamland in a couple of those pictures.

    Thanks for letting Sally come join us at the spa and the jammie party. I'm glad I got to meet her and to enjoy some girlie time together.

    Totally relaxed,
    Fergi (and who knows what Jake is up to... he's got a wild hair)

    You're backkkkkkkkkkkkkk and we're sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Paddy.dear friend...we're very very very happy you're feeling better.....but your back is feeling better too now???
    Poor boy.....
    Sure you had a wonderful look soooooooo happy and relaxed...
    And you found a great great poo to rool in!!!!!!!!!WOWOWOOOOOO!!!
    What a lucky dog you're!!!!
    And you met cows....Ohhhhhhh...we love cows and if you need help to communicate with Paco...he can speak Cows language very very well!!!!
    We love your pic while are kissing the cow...sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!
    And the pic where you and your sister are sleeping near!!!!Sure you're a wonderful family and we're honored to be your friends!!!!
    TAke car of you dear Paddy ok??!!!!
    And if you need help...we're here for you!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  13. Hello Paddy. What a great break apart from the antique stuffie. Sounds just like my leggeds.Must be a London thing you think? Loved all your photos but can't believe you didn't get fish and chips in the pub and a 1/2 of cider. I'm on holiday soon keep your paws crossed i get some. I'll post you a bit. And cows?? careful ..that poor farmer got trampled by his own herd last week.
    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

  14. Paddy, those are some pawsome photos! The sheep are something else, no?

  15. What a beautiful vacation you guys had! The countryside is just stunning! We've never met sheepies before! They look pretty harmless!
    We're glad our mom and dad aren't making us antique shop on our vacation! We prefer eating ice cream!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. you look like you had a great time - what a beautiful setting

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  17. That sounds like a lovely holiday...calf slobbers...cow poo...pubs...all the best things in life! Glad your pancreatitis is under control and you were able to enjoy the trip.

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  18. oh Paddy, so pleased you're back to yourself. Hey, you were right near me! those cows were very friendly! hehe
    ~lickies, Ludo

  19. Oh how perfect, you all needed a vacation after all of the troubles you've had.

    I would be a wee bit worried about those cows licking you, but a roll in some poo is good for any dogs spirits!

  20. WOW - What a marvelous vacation you guys had!!!

    Paddy - glad your feeling better - you're looking most handsome ...

    Sally - girl you are one brave WFT - those sheep look like GIANTS..

    Thank you for sharing!!


  21. sniff sniff sniff.. why is that eau de cow's poopie? Such a nice & relaxing vacation-for the whole family! your pics are too cute paddy- how can someone resist you coming into the pub- smelly or not.

    belly rubs,

  22. What a great time!! We are soooo jealous! I made up for it though cuz I found some poo on the field where we live ;-) Max and Shadow

  23. Hi Sally, I live in st. Bees, so I guess you were very close!

  24. woofs, glad u feeling better Paddy, hope u pups have a great time at the walk..

    b safe,

  25. Sheep, boot sales, antique fairs, wow, sounds like our perfect holiday!

    Glad to see you are back, we are really behind catching up with every Pup.

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxx oh and Jeannie xxxxx

  26. Hi Sally,

    We luuuv your blog! You live in a beautiful place and you are sooo lucky that you get to go to pubs. But you forgot to mention, did you take a bath after you rolled in that brown stuff?

    Hope you will come over here to visit wit us real soon.

    Riley and Star.

  27. Hi Sally and Paddy. We were reading your blog. nice to meet you! I see you were up in my handsome Ludo's neck of the woods. did you see him? he is usually at the beach..
    Anyhow, stop by my blog sometime.
    your pal, Morgan