Friday, 20 February 2009

First Fox Terrier in the Western Hemisphere

Hello all - I haven't been out and about this week as I have problems with my paws.  I have an allergic reaction to something and I have gone all itchy and D and C woke up one morning  to find I had spent the night licking my paws - they were so bad I was limping.  I now have medication and have to wear socks - which makes me sulk.  

But today was a reprieve as D had to go to Greenwich and decided I was well enough to join her.  Greenwich is one of my favourite parks and I sit up in the car when we get within a mile of it!  As soon as we park - I toodle off to the Rose garden  (No roses in bloom yet).

I love Greenwich park - I always get a lot of attention and there are lots of squirrels!  I chase them all the time - but I never get them - today I caught the peanut shell as one ran up a tree (it is hanging from my beard).

We walk all around - D loves to sit and view London from the top of the hill - although we didn't have a True Colours Blue list - the sky over London (when there is blue sky!) is one of our favourite blues. (It looks a bit grey - but it was very blue - honest!)

We then went to see the Prime Meridian - well we had to cross it to go down the hill - this is the line that divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres.  There is a flashy Meridian marker with lights - but it was covered with Japanese tourists - so we went to the poor man's marker - 

No one was there - so D had me sit down on the Greenwich Meridian - which means that at 3 pm -  I was the first Fox Terrier in the Western Hemisphere!  I also owned the last fox terrier paw in the Eastern Hemisphere.  

We then went to meet my friend the Hog Roast man at the covered market in Greenwich (sadly D has not remembered his name and too much time has passed for her to feel comfortable asking again - sigh! - these humans) - 

I always get some bit of the pork he roasts - but today I got a whole leg !  Well almost a whole leg - no photos as it made D a little uneasy - she doesn't eat meat - but I sure do!  Well, it was all wrapped up , sadly,  we didn't stop to eat it.  Instead we went walking along the Thames - I can't resist a dip...

We like this walk because there is a Music College nearby - and you can here them playing - so you have your own free public concert.  A somewhat wet me...

The nice thing also about today is that spring is on its way - there were signs everywhere - including our visitors from Canada - not Sally and Rufus , sadly - but a pair of Canada Geese....

Well, D completed her Greenwich errand and we were off home.  Thankfully - she has cut up the Hog Roast and I had it for dinner - a very nice ending to a nice day.  

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What a busy weekend!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine weekend - mine was very busy and D & C were on the go! I spent Valentine's with Cousin Gyp - he is a big Collie that loves to play ball.  Gyp is a friend - not my Valentine -  Jackson is more my type...!  

'Gyp' stands for trouble or problems - and that is exactly what he is !  Well to me anyway - D & C think he is lovely - but he blocked me in the garden and wanted to play and wouldn't let me back in the house.  So I had to tell him off - but every time I went out there I had to be pretty quick about coming back or we would have had words again!  All he did all day was run around, play with toys (MINE!) and chased the ball.  We even had to watch his TV programs - he liked Womens Tennis - which suited C - but D wasn't convinced the motives were strictly sports related. 

Well, you think that D & C would let me catch up on my beauty sleep on Sunday - but No - C had a bike race.  He gets on this two wheelie thing and dresses up in tights and then cycles as fast as he can for 25 miles (he doesn't race other riders, but the clock - these humans - what an odd bunch) ... This is a photo of him waiting to start  

While he raced the clock, D and I sat in the car reading magazines drinking coffee - it was cold though and I stayed under my blankie.  

C did very well - he came in the top 20 and had a very competitive time -  we were very proud and we gave him a big Congratulations kiss.  We then went to visit the Fox Terrier Rescue.  Not to drop me off - although after I turned D's expensive jeans into a pair of shorts - she did threaten to send me back.  It wasn't the jeans she was so mad about - it was the fact that she was wearing them when I had my 'moment'.  But those were early days and I am much better now.  

My fellow rescues are a much better behaved bunch than me - we saw Paddy again - a sweet boy that had cataracts surgery - which I know Jackson told you about and you were all so generous to help towards the cost of his surgery.  He is doing well - still waiting for his forever home.  A volunteer knitted him a cosy jumper (sweater) - all stripey - to help keep him warm.

D and C brought lots of treats and toys and an extra special one for Paddy.  Check out the Fox Terrier Rescue website for all the photos of my pals in the rescue - D wanted to take them all home.  We all hope that they find their forever home very soon.    

Wow, what a weekend.  I was too tired yesterday to write anything - I just curled up on my blankie and snoozed the day away.  But I am bright eyed and bushy tailed today and can't wait to read all the Valentine blogs - lots of licks


Thursday, 12 February 2009

TinTin Shop turns 25 !

Hello all!  Well, D and I went up 'West' to help celebrate the Tintin Shop's Silver Anniversary - it has been in Floral Street, Covent Garden for 25 years!  

It has been a bumper time for all things Tintin - In January, there was a celebration for 80 years of Herge and Tintin (and Snowy - naturally) (Thanks Jax for the info - I have a tendency to exaggerate things...)  - there are plans to build a new Museum and it is confirmed that there are plans to make a Tintin movie!  Steven Spileberg better use a Fox Terrier for Snowy or else I will fly to LA and wee on his Begonias.  (I am very much for the peaceful protest).  Well, here is a picture of me on the train going up to the Big City...

I am a bit backwards at going forwards ... I rarely face the direction of the train - this gives me a chance to check out all the passengers and their bags.  Well, we got into Charing Cross...

We walked to Covent Garden - I enjoy this as there are many food related stores along the way - sadly we stopped at none of them!

We got to the Tintin store and everybody was really nice and welcoming - Jane the Manager was super kind and made a fuss.  Here we are together - I am the one on the right - the white one on the left was very quiet and just sat there!  

Michael Farr was there - he has written several books on Tintin and Herge - and is the leading British Tintinologist (someone who knows all about Tintin).  D bought one entitled 'Tintin & Co' - it is all about the history and inspiration of the Tintin characters - and chapter 2 is devoted to Snowy!  I think it should of been chapter 1 - but that was about Tintin - so I guess, as he is in the title...Michael kindly signed my book - and D and I took a picture with him - I got all Luvvie on him and gave him a kiss.  

D has promised to read the section about Snowy to me - apparently Herge never owned a Fox Terrier (his loss) - but the landlord of the cafe/bar where all the journalists used to meet - had a Fox Terrier - This was part of his inspiration. But I won't tell you anymore as I think you should get one of his books.  They have a Quiz and D wants to fill it out and maybe win a prize - but as none of the prizes are edible - I won't be helping her on that one.   

We then went for a stroll in Covent Garden - they have a covered market and lots of Food Stalls - which we did not stop at.  But we were going down the stairs and this lovely smell came my way - so I had to take a quick look.

The man was selling Paella (pronounced HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM!)  - once again we did not stop here.  D wanted to sit and listen to the man singing Opera - he was very good and sang several Arias - including Nessun Dorma - from Puccini's Turandot - one of D's favourite Operas. 

At the end several people from the crowd joined in and sang with him - and D was almost crying - but she cries at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes she cries at commercials about cheese.... Talking of crying, did I mention we didn't buy the Paella?  But on the way back to the train we saw a shop that was selling life sized chocolate Westies (West Highland Terriers).  This is the only dog I would consider biting...

Well, we got back to the station and came home - C had my dinner waiting for me - I am snuggled up and ready to watch TV and go to bed.  We have some Tintin videos - and I may watch them.  I have finally eaten (C prepared Roast lamb - one of my many favourites!)- so I am a much happier girl.  Will write more soon - Toodles and licks to all,  


Sunday, 8 February 2009

My First Blog!

I am just starting out - I am still getting used to using the keyboard - my paws are a little big - they should make bigger buttons!  So please bear with me... I live in London with my humans, D & C .  They picked me up from the Wire Fox Terrier Rescue two years ago.  My first home wasn't a good one and has left me with some anxieties.  I can't help it!  D & C are very understanding - I feel bad that I have destroyed D's collection of pillows - but they were a little mismatched and C felt there were too many anyway... 

I will be posting photos and more blogs as I get a handle on this blogging business - I am stuck indoors because of all the snow - it plays havoc with my recent pawdicure. 

Here is a picture of me writing the blog  you see what I mean about the tiny keyboard?  How doggie unfriendly...(soorrrrry, D has plants everywhere and that is an Amaryllis behind me - I do not have funny growths out of my ears...just in case you were wondering - also she needs to do some gardening - I try to help but apparently digging the plants up and replacing them with biscuits is not as helpful as you might think.  But I am hoping I can grow a Dog treat tree - more useful than Delphiniums...)

Well, that's it for now - if D lets me have some time on the 'puter I will write again soon.