Sunday, 12 September 2010

Away too long ...

Hello Everybloggie, We have to apologise for being away so long. Our D has had a very eventful summer and hasn't kept up with her duties! But she has tried her best - and she has still given us lots of attention and cuddles - so we forgive her!

We just wanted to point out some of the highlights - thought you might like to see!

Well, we had the Fox Terrier Rescue Fun Day in July - it was a very sunny day and there were lots of dogs there. We are sure everyone had a good time and lots of needed funds were raised for the Fox Terrier Rescue (You get more photos on the Fox Terrier Rescue Website). Here I am enjoying the festivities and watching all the great dogs strutting their stuff!

Paddy got a lot of attention - and was being cuddled - he liked this a lot!

Everyone was there - even Elvis!

We got to go several places and see lots of things - but we had a great surprise - because we got to meet Noodles! Yep, he is super cute and Paddy and him hit it off -

It was a great day and we really enjoyed out time together. Hopefully we will meet up again soon.

Now a note from D - she went to Down House - the home of Charles Darwin. And the reason she is letting you know - is that Darwin had a Fox Terrier named Polly. She had her basket in his study and she always accompanied him on his 'Thinking Walks' - it was on these walks that he developed his book - On The Origin of Species. Here is a photo of his study - all that was missing was a Fox Terrier in that basket - maybe I can play that role?

We promise to drop by and catch up with all our Blogging friends - we are sorry it has taken us so long to write - but sometimes life gets hectic. One last thing, we are off to the eye specialist for Paddy - he has an ulcer and we are hoping it can be treated with drops and heals quickly - please send cornea healing vibes! Thanks!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Here is a photo of Paddy on one of his walks in the park - we are sporting our summer hair dos!