Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sally, the Fox and some prizes!

We have been a household of injury lately - Paddy cut his leg, C burnt himself on the stove and D bashed her knee into the coffee table!  Yikes, we are accident prone.  But I am the worst of all!

You see, we have had an intruder in our garden - she comes every morning and evening - sometimes she brings her pal - sometimes on her own.  Well, I am a Wire FOX terrier - and true to my breeding - I took an instant dislike to her and must keep my garden Fox Free!  Here is a photo of our pest!

Here she is with her demonic eyes!!! You see, she must be kept out at all costs....

Well, I ran out one evening and hit my back leg really hard - I didn't notice it at the time - but when I got back in - boy did it hurt!  And I have been limping ever since.  I am now a 3 legged doggie - my paw is swollen and I do not put any weight on it.  D took me to the V-E-T and my paw was x-rayed and I have a bone chip!  Yes, I chipped a bone in my paw - and they have me on drugs that make me drowsy!! If it doesn't get better I am back at the VETS!!!  So lets hope it heels on its own.  

I still keep a lookout for the fox - but the damn thing has the advantage on me.  Is there any one out there that can come and help keep my garden free of the dreaded fox?  

Will keep guard until I get help... I do feel a little sorry for myself though - but D has been giving me extra cuddles and she carries me everywhere now - so that is one way to train the humans...

Now a follow up from our previous blog - we have some names!!  Paddy pulled them out of a hat and the three Royal Winners are:  the OP Pack, Rocky Creek Scotties and Reilly - please email me at dianaatshonalonadotcodotuk - and my human servant will send some Royal 'share the Love' goodies - if you have a preference let me know.

Lots of licks