Monday, 22 March 2010

A Parcel and Paddy spring update

Hello all!

We are so sorry it has been so long - we have dropped by the blogs when we can - but D has been very busy with house stuff and I can't type as my paw allergies are back. I am currently wearing socks! How embarrassing.

We think it might have to do with a grass allergy .... so now I stick to the paths and only have 'urban' walks - no off road for me! Which I prefer - D brings me to fancier places that is more befitting of someone classy like me!

First I wanted to tell everyone about my lovely Valentine package from my sweetheart Jake and his family! They were so thoughtful - I never received a package before - so I was a little misty eyed....

What is in it....

What pretty paper...

Lovely biccies (Do I have to share?)

What else is in there?

A beautiful hand made scarf - with a mini me on it!!!!! D says that it is just perfect for her - we shall see about that!

There were lovely hand made notebook, Hankies and a beautiful glass bead paperweight - These are now on D's desk and she uses the pad for her auctions and antiques - she calls it her good luck pad....(as she always brings me with her - I do not mind sharing...)

Can I have my biccies now?

Thank you Jake, Miss Fergi, Moma and Nina Girl - you made some furry people happy!

Now an update from Paddy....

Finally, I get a word in....just wanted everyone to know that spring has sprung and that it will be my Gotcha Day soon (Easter Sunday) - so the next blog will be about me and my story...but I thought I would show everyone that spring has finally arrived in our little corner of the world - the crocuses are a little down trodden (it has been raining a lot) plus I like to sit on them but the Dippy Daffs are on their way to full happiness!

Me and some flat crocus

Here we are admiring the flowers (our pal Gyp is in the background - he likes running through the flowers with his ball)

Come on - bloom already!!!

Here are some D has grown in her garden - she has brought a few in .... we love their orange beards - we look like that when we have spaghetti bolognese!

I tried to tell Mr Mouse that is was Spring and to wake up and come out and play - but he didn't...he lives under our shed (You will hear Mr Crow is in the background calling him out as well...) and he never comes out to play with me...

Did I say something wrong?

Smell you later!


Sally and Paddy