Saturday, 26 June 2010

iPad vs. MyPad

Hello all,

Sorry we have been away from the blogosphere for so long. D has been hectic with other things - she should get her priorities in place! We come first, everything else a distant second!

Paddy is doing really well and is almost back to 'normal' - his normal. Lots of jumping, chewing, digging and then sleeping on the bed under the ceiling fan.

Well, as you know, our Paddy had a stay at the Emergency Vets - he also stayed at the Royal Veterinary College - they are both very good facilities and they helped Paddy get better. They also charge accordingly - so D and C had to dip into their 'savings pot'. The weekend Paddy got sick - was the weekend the iPads hit the stores. Well D is a big fan of Apple computers - and couldn't wait for the new iPads (she was going to queue and wait for hours to buy one - that is how determined she was!)

Anyhoo - the idea was to buy an iPad. BUT Paddy went into hospital - so we used the money for a MyPad instead!


Some of the features of an iPad (Taken from the Apple website)
* The best way to experience the web, email, photos and videos
*Thousands of Apps
*Portable and packed with technology
*32 GB of Memory
*Custom A4 processor for high performance - completes every task quickly
*High performance battery for day long use


Some of the features of the MyPad
*The best way to experience cuddles, kisses and you can have him in your lap while you surf the net.
*Very basic - eats, sleeps, plays, loves - no other apps needed
*Definitely portable - but can move on his own steam - hands free!
*Once in sleep mode - very difficult to 'wake'. Takes about 20 minutes to warm up and function
*Apparently does not retain much in his memory - will repeat unwanted behaviour - even after the humans tell him 'No'. Example: D reprimanded him for trying to get into the compost bin - he returns to it again and again - and has actually dug underneath to get to the nummy composting greens - MMMM....
*Custom K9 processor - motivated when he wants - will not function if near a bath, VET office or Groomers - but will speed up for the Park, car rides and trips to Pet Store.
*Low Performance Battery - will use energy for things Paddy wants to do (see above) - stops providing energy for things Paddy does not want to do (see above)

Well, do you think we got the better item? So we have no iPad but we have our MyPad - oh yeah. Cost of iPad (in the UK) £499, cost of the MyPad (as they say on TV) PRICELESS.

Hope everyone is well - lots of licks

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Paddy is Home!

Dear All,

We are so sorry it has taken us so long to update the blog - but we have been nursing Paddy back to health and his Zia (Aunty) came to visit him from Italy.

He has been getting lots of cuddles, hugs and scratches - we have all been nursing him back to health. I am not allowed to help him eat his dinner - as I seem to eat all the chicken for myself. So D and C make sure he eats his food and thankfully his appetite is back.

He is making a slow recovery - but we are sure he will be as right as rain in no time! He is sleeping a lot - and here he is in his bed with his Pig Stuffie.

We wanted to thank everyone for all their good positive vibes and healing zen - we couldn't have done it without you. We will be checking in on everyone soon - we are so thankful we have our Paddy back and we have such wonderful friends!

Lots of licks