Friday, 12 November 2010

Paddy Power!

Hello all,

Just a quick update - as you know Paddy has had a lot of problems lately with his eye - he had an ulcer that would not heal.  So he had to go back to have his eye operated on at the Animal Health Trust  - we did not want him to be in pain all the time and this was the only option.  Here is a picture of him with his eye doctor Marian

She was a very nice doctor and she was very patient with D and C.  D kept asking a lot of questions, sending emails and calling - but the doctors understood that she was worried for Paddy and wanted to make sure everything was ok.  But why worry?  Paddy is a tough little boy and with all the support of family and friends, he has made a full recovery!  No more pain!

We are participating in Jake and Fergi's 2nd Annual Worldwide moment - because Life is made of a lot of tiny miracles and we believe that if we all get together - we can make a difference.  The power of the paw has helped Paddy in the past and we know it can help other furries and their humans

We will be participating - hope you will too.

Lots of licks

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Fox Terrier Fun Walk 23 Oct 2010

Yep - it was time for our 4th Fox Terrier Fun Walk - once again it was in Brighton on the promenade of the Undercliff walk. We were really worried because there was a lot of rain predicted - but as we approached Brighton it was sunny! Very Sunny! So we were thrilled! The power of the terrier paw!

We met at Brighton Marina - it took us a while to take photos and get everyone organised - and we were a very loud bunch. As per normal we were asked to move along as we were creating a lot of noise and becoming a distraction - which we feel is appropriate for all those terriers! The video is a little calm - we were much louder! This made D and C smile a lot - there is nothing better than energetic terriers!

or it is on YouTube (We have had a lot of problems with Blogger this morning!)
Fox Terrier Fun Walk 4

There were 16 Wire Fox Terriers, 6 Welsh Terriers and 2 Irish terriers and associated humans!

A great turnout for an uncertain day (at least weather wise) - we had to hang around until D and C could get photos sorted, ho hum..

We walked to the first stop - which is the cafe - but it was a challenge - as the waves kept breaking against the wall and drenching the people on the walkway! D, Me and Paddy got hit by a huge wave and were drenched! Here is an example of what we are talking about

By the time we got to the cafe - we were wet and hungry - we stopped and had coffees and sandwiches - very civilised. There are some great photos on Facebook (click here) or Flickr (click here) - they were taken by Colin's human - Michael Lyons - he is a professional photographer and it shows - there are some great shots! J1 also took some great shots and you can go the Flickr page for Forever Foxed.

Some brave souls ventured on to Rottingdean - then over the cliffs back to the marina - there was a black cloud on the horizon - and it got us! We were hit with cold, sleety type rain - but thankfully it lasted for less than 10 minutes and then went. The sun came back out and dried us for the last bit of the walk.

Paddy got to walk with his new pal Colin, and Noodles - they helped keep him on the straight and narrow - he used them to bounce off of when he walked - so he never slipped into the road - so you see terriers are good assistance dogs!  This is a photo taken by Michael Lyons of the 4 terriers - Paddy safely in the middle of Noodles and Colin - this is one of our favourites! 

We got to meet so many of our pals and make some new ones - it was a great day. J1 and Noodles arranged the lovely goodie bags - sadly we ate ours and there was nothing left to photograph but a plastic bag.

In case you are wondering - my paws are ginger again because my allergies have hit - D wanted to get me all pretty for the walk - but I hate baths - so she thought as it would rain she would wash me when we got home. So if I seem a little 'grey' blame D! Our next blog will have a clean me - promise!

Lots of licks
Sally (and Paddy)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Away too long ...

Hello Everybloggie, We have to apologise for being away so long. Our D has had a very eventful summer and hasn't kept up with her duties! But she has tried her best - and she has still given us lots of attention and cuddles - so we forgive her!

We just wanted to point out some of the highlights - thought you might like to see!

Well, we had the Fox Terrier Rescue Fun Day in July - it was a very sunny day and there were lots of dogs there. We are sure everyone had a good time and lots of needed funds were raised for the Fox Terrier Rescue (You get more photos on the Fox Terrier Rescue Website). Here I am enjoying the festivities and watching all the great dogs strutting their stuff!

Paddy got a lot of attention - and was being cuddled - he liked this a lot!

Everyone was there - even Elvis!

We got to go several places and see lots of things - but we had a great surprise - because we got to meet Noodles! Yep, he is super cute and Paddy and him hit it off -

It was a great day and we really enjoyed out time together. Hopefully we will meet up again soon.

Now a note from D - she went to Down House - the home of Charles Darwin. And the reason she is letting you know - is that Darwin had a Fox Terrier named Polly. She had her basket in his study and she always accompanied him on his 'Thinking Walks' - it was on these walks that he developed his book - On The Origin of Species. Here is a photo of his study - all that was missing was a Fox Terrier in that basket - maybe I can play that role?

We promise to drop by and catch up with all our Blogging friends - we are sorry it has taken us so long to write - but sometimes life gets hectic. One last thing, we are off to the eye specialist for Paddy - he has an ulcer and we are hoping it can be treated with drops and heals quickly - please send cornea healing vibes! Thanks!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Here is a photo of Paddy on one of his walks in the park - we are sporting our summer hair dos!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

iPad vs. MyPad

Hello all,

Sorry we have been away from the blogosphere for so long. D has been hectic with other things - she should get her priorities in place! We come first, everything else a distant second!

Paddy is doing really well and is almost back to 'normal' - his normal. Lots of jumping, chewing, digging and then sleeping on the bed under the ceiling fan.

Well, as you know, our Paddy had a stay at the Emergency Vets - he also stayed at the Royal Veterinary College - they are both very good facilities and they helped Paddy get better. They also charge accordingly - so D and C had to dip into their 'savings pot'. The weekend Paddy got sick - was the weekend the iPads hit the stores. Well D is a big fan of Apple computers - and couldn't wait for the new iPads (she was going to queue and wait for hours to buy one - that is how determined she was!)

Anyhoo - the idea was to buy an iPad. BUT Paddy went into hospital - so we used the money for a MyPad instead!


Some of the features of an iPad (Taken from the Apple website)
* The best way to experience the web, email, photos and videos
*Thousands of Apps
*Portable and packed with technology
*32 GB of Memory
*Custom A4 processor for high performance - completes every task quickly
*High performance battery for day long use


Some of the features of the MyPad
*The best way to experience cuddles, kisses and you can have him in your lap while you surf the net.
*Very basic - eats, sleeps, plays, loves - no other apps needed
*Definitely portable - but can move on his own steam - hands free!
*Once in sleep mode - very difficult to 'wake'. Takes about 20 minutes to warm up and function
*Apparently does not retain much in his memory - will repeat unwanted behaviour - even after the humans tell him 'No'. Example: D reprimanded him for trying to get into the compost bin - he returns to it again and again - and has actually dug underneath to get to the nummy composting greens - MMMM....
*Custom K9 processor - motivated when he wants - will not function if near a bath, VET office or Groomers - but will speed up for the Park, car rides and trips to Pet Store.
*Low Performance Battery - will use energy for things Paddy wants to do (see above) - stops providing energy for things Paddy does not want to do (see above)

Well, do you think we got the better item? So we have no iPad but we have our MyPad - oh yeah. Cost of iPad (in the UK) £499, cost of the MyPad (as they say on TV) PRICELESS.

Hope everyone is well - lots of licks

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Paddy is Home!

Dear All,

We are so sorry it has taken us so long to update the blog - but we have been nursing Paddy back to health and his Zia (Aunty) came to visit him from Italy.

He has been getting lots of cuddles, hugs and scratches - we have all been nursing him back to health. I am not allowed to help him eat his dinner - as I seem to eat all the chicken for myself. So D and C make sure he eats his food and thankfully his appetite is back.

He is making a slow recovery - but we are sure he will be as right as rain in no time! He is sleeping a lot - and here he is in his bed with his Pig Stuffie.

We wanted to thank everyone for all their good positive vibes and healing zen - we couldn't have done it without you. We will be checking in on everyone soon - we are so thankful we have our Paddy back and we have such wonderful friends!

Lots of licks

Monday, 24 May 2010

Paddy Update

Thank you so much for all your positive vibes - they mean so much to us and we are sure Paddy is feeling them.

What can we say about the little man? Monday morning we transferred him to the Royal Veterinary College. He was in a lot of pain with a very swollen abdomen. He had a very good Internist and Ultrasound technician working on his behalf, they discovered a blockage in his bladder, which would require surgical removal.

But he must have gotten all your vibes and heard the word 'surgery' and on his way to the operating room - he peed the longest pee and flooded the hallway along with the nurse's shoes! (Hopefully they won't put new shoes on the bill)

Wonderfully he had cleared himself of the blockage. So they decided not to operate and see if they can control everything in a non invasive way! He still wasn't eating at that point - and they said if it continued he would be put on a feeding tube - but he must have heard them that time too and ate some chicken! Just boiled chicken - he has no interest in the canned food - but who can blame him?

But he is feeling better all round - he is eating on his own and plays with his toy in his cage. So we are awaiting a few more tests - but if all is well we pick him up tomorrow.

They did find a 'growth' on his bladder - it isn't causing the blockage - but they are not sure what IT is - perhaps a polyp - perhaps worse - so please send all your positive vibes that it is benign - we will go back in a couple of months to do another ultrasound and see if it has grown.

We are so indebted to all of you for your support and good wishes - they mean so much to us and I know Paddy feels them and they helped him get better.

Lots of licks

More healing vibes needed for Paddy

Dear All

Paddy has had another pancreatitis attack - he was doing really well and then it just started. At 3 am we woke to him being sick - we rushed him to the Emergency Vets - and he has been there for 2 days. He is on fluids and painkillers - but although he is not critical like before - he is still in a lot of pain and he refuses to eat or drink. He should be showing signs of improvement and he hasn't.

We are worried for him - and we are hoping you could send some positive energy our way - and help Paddy bounce back. He has all the terrier tenacity - but might need some help to kick start it!

Here is a photo of him in happier times - during a visit to the Lake District...

Thank you for all your positive vibes and for listening - we cannot bear the thought of him suffering and want to do everything to help him - we are hoping he can come home soon

A very worried D, C and Sally

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fox Terrier Fun Walk 3

Hello everybloggy!

Yep, we went to the 3rd Fox Terrier Fun Walk - 24 April, 2010. We met at Brighton Marina - and walked the Undercliff walk. Not sure how it happened by D and J1 organised the sunshine too! It was a beautiful day and we were all up for a walk!

Here is a video of the line-up (we were missing a few Irish terriers and fox terriers in this clip) - there were a lot of dogs - we tried to take count and came up with these numbers: 17 Wire Fox Terriers, 1 Smooth Fox Terrier, 5 Welsh terriers, 3 Irish Terriers, and one Airedale

You will notice in the video that one Wire is more vocal than the others - yep, that was DOUGLAS! His family joined us - he is looking wonderful - and he is in fine voice too!

Here are some more photos of the line up - but we needed the panoramic function on the camera - as it was a long line up!

There were so many wonderful doggies and people. Our official photographer was Blue! She walked me for a bit - I was a better girl this time and didn't pull too much.

We also got to see Jackson again! (here he is trying to sneak some ice cream from Blue)

We know he hasn't been well lately and we keep sending him lots of terrier vibes - he enjoyed himself on the day and was a very gracious host!

There were a lot of doggies - we stopped at the Cafe and we all went to the beach to play. There were 10 terriers off lead playing in the water and wandering around - and no problems! Not even one argument - everyone was on their best behaviour!

Reynard and his boots...

A little girl named Poppy - she was rehomed in November 2009 - it was lovely seeing her and her lovely family!

And here is a rescue from the RSPCA - sweet little Billy...

We then carried on to Rottingdean and up and over the cliffs back to the Marina. Paddy and I were flagging - Paddy has had back problems and we weren't sure he was going to be up for the walk. But with true Terrier tenacity we kept going....

(Do you like my new orange collar? My Nonna sent it to me - Thank you Nonna - Baci Baci Kisses!)

But Paddy was very poopy by the end of it - here he is taking a break - look how long his tongue is!!!

Well we made it back to the Marina and had a well earned lunch! Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jackson's family who helped arrange a lovely day, to Blue for being our photographer and of course all the doggies and people that attended and made it a perfect day!

There will be more photos on the Fox Terrier Rescue UK site shortly....when D gets her act together....

Lots of licks

PS We had a lovely goody bag - but ours has been taken apart already! Biscuits eaten (Thank you J1 and Dogs Dog bakery!) - but here is a picture of the non edible parts....

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Seeing Dogs behind our backs!

Guess what? D left us - yes, she went to Italy for a holiday. Can you guess the city?

Yep, she went to Milano! We were jealous - I love Italian food and shopping too! Plus I want to see my Zia (Auntie) again - I love her very much - I wake her every morning with kisses when she comes to see us in London.

Well, as D was in Italy for a few days - she went to visit Paco, Milo and Maya ! That made us really jealous! Now, there should be a lot more photos - but D forgets to use the camera and didn't take many photos of the trip there and back. But she says it is beautiful countryside - and the day was sunny.

She was thrilled to meet them - they are so adorable!!!! Here are some photos...(You will notice there is one extra baby - they were babysitting a Maya lookalike!)

D brought some stuffies for them...they didn't last long...but they all played really well - can you imagine 4 terriers playing so well ?...

Paco and Milo playing Tug-o-War with the quacking duck...

The two sisters with the pink shoe...

More Tug-o-War...

The pink shoe...

A very pensive Milo - he sometimes just stops and takes in the scenery and thinks...contemplates the world...a true philosopher of life

Here is Paco taking a sweet nap inside - he still has his hurt face and we are hoping he gets better really soon - we are sending lots of Wirey healing zen and hope he makes a full recovery soon.

D had a wonderful time and she thinks Paco, Milo, Maya and their Mom and Dad are just wonderful!!!!!!!!!! She is making plans already to go back !!!!!!!!! D was really sad she had to say Good Bye and said that even if the planes aren't flying - she will drive back (hoping the moving kennel a.k.a 'the car' can make it)

We got lots of GOODIES!!!! Here is a picture of me and some of the goodies - Please note that there was a lot more Salami - but D took pictures just today - so a lot of the Salami has already been eaten

Yum! Yum! Thank you Paco, Milo and Maya (and leggeds) - We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paddy really liked the squeaky balls - he was a very loud and a very happy boy!

There was a gift for Mom and Dad too - two bottles of wine - one bottle has already 'gone' since this picture was taken....

We are really happy D wasn't stranded in Europe - but D says that although she would miss us - she wouldn't mind being 'stranded' in Italy. In fact, she wants us all to be 'stranded' in Italy.

Well, Paddy is getting his wish to spend more time with friends - the 3rd Fox Terrier Fun Walk will be held this Saturday in Brighton!!!!!!! We will get to see Jackson!!!!!!!!!! He hasn't been well lately and we want to give him big licks and make him feel better.

Lots of licks from us
Sally and Paddy

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter and Paddy's Gotcha Day

Hello all

It has been a year that Paddy has been with us! And we are thankful every day that our paths crossed - he is the greatest little brother you could ask for - and D and C love the stuffing out of him!

The truth of how Paddy came to the Fox Terrier Rescue is not nice - it is a tale of how people can be heartless. And Paddy's story is not about sadness any more - but happiness. So we like to think that when Battersea Dogs Home found went something like this...

Paddy was found in the Lost Property Office at Victoria Station - he had come from deepest darkest Peckham (possibly) - he survived on rawhide bones and water - a note on his coat read: Paddy Bear - please look after this Bear - Love Aunt Lucy....

Battersea Dogs Home wanted to find him a home and asked the Fox Terrier (and Bear) Rescue to help - and they did. First, they got some help from some lovely people and fixed one of his eyes - he enjoyed life much more after that - then D and C and I met him - and we fell in love. Indeed, we wanted very much to look after this bear!

Who could resist such a cute face?

And we think he liked it too - does he look happy to you too?

Every night he says his prayers

and we think he is praying for more walks in the windy Lake District...

More times to mess around in the mud (but less baths)

More chances to be with his sissy Sally

Destroying more toys...

More times to fall asleep in the lap of D or C

And we pray for the same things more time to spend with our friends both on the net and here...

Have a Happy Easter!

Lots of licks.