Friday, 16 November 2012

Terrier SOS

Hello all

D wants me to tell you all about Terrier SOS - it is a little group that we set up to help Wire Terriers get safe in Europe.  She set up the group to help highlight terriers in need and get them a loving home - like the ones we have!  We have a facebook page and we will have a website soon hopefully (it is so hard to keep humans focused - don't you find?)

It started as a small thing - but now has snowballed into something bigger!  Some of the terriers are in desperate need and had no hope.  So D decided that maybe they needed to come to the UK to find their loving homes?

We were asked to help Lucy - she was a stray - they just dumped her in the street to fend for herself - and the rescue in Spain picked her up and put her in kennels - and although she was safe - she was going crazy - can you imagine a wire behind bars?  Tasmanian devil times 10!  So D took her - she is being fostered here and now the foster may adopt her!  But whatever happens she is safe and loved - here is a picture of her happy face!  She is on the train here and was really well behaved.  But because she is older, and a little naughty - no one in Spain wanted her and she would have lived her life in kennels.

D has also helped get another boy to the UK - he was in rescue in Spain that had over 600 dogs - and no one wanted him - he was 7 years old and invisible to everyone that came.  If D had not taken him - they would have sent him to the rainbow bridge.   He came to us and we helped him learn about love and play and going for walks and chasing squirrels and foxes!  He stayed with us for a short time - but we thought he was lovely (I usually do not show emotions - but I let him know I liked him and he was safe).  This is how we first saw him when he was still in Spain:

He was supposed to be a Wire Fox Terrier - but we weren't too sure - he looked a little Lakie - when we saw him in person we knew he was a Welshie!  And a lovely boy at that - he had a few little problems - but with love, patience and time his true character came out - and he is fabulous!  He has found his forever home and has really landed on his paws! Here he is now....

D is now helping a little boy named Waldo - he was in a horrible place and he was due to be PTS!  But we could not let that happen and with the help of wonderful supporters, Terrier SOS and D raised funds to pull him out.  D's friends in Spain got him out for Terrier SOS - but he was very ill.  He is getting 24 hour care and we are hoping he can come to the UK for Christmas.  Here he is a the vets...

He is only young and they say despite everything he still loves people and wants to cuddle with you on the couch.  We know we can find him a loving home in the UK and want to give him that chance at knowing a life of love, care and joy.  What a great Christmas present that would be for him and us!  

We would like to help more Wires in Europe - but what we can do is limited by resources and fosters.  If you think you can help - please email D at diana at shonalona dot co dot uk - or message the blog and she can get in touch.  We would like families in the SE of England - preferably London - but we are not going to refuse the right foster a little further out!  But D will tell you all about how it works and what is expected and arrange homechecks and so on - if you would like to donate we have paypal and D will let you know the address.  We update our Facebook page on the dogs and we will also put updates on the blog too.

I prefer having less dogs in the house - but I do like teaching the new ones all about our terrier ways.  I always appreciate the extra help in keeping my garden fox and squirrel free though!

Thanks for reading - hope you are all safe - lots of licks


Friday, 1 June 2012

Loving Girl seeks loving family

Hello all,

This blog is about a lovely girl that has just come into rescue.  She is in need of an extra special loving home and I wanted to tell my pals about her and maybe they can help her find that home.

She is the sweetest natured girl, loves people and follows her humans everywhere.  She listens to commands (unlike some of us!) and will do pretty much anything for sausages!  She is 9 years old, but do not let that fool you - she is always up for walks and going out.  So she will need an active house that wants a companion to stroll by their side.  Except when she sees a cat or a squirrel - then be prepared to be pulled!

She is currently living with other dogs and could live with another calm, submissive boy.  She likes her space and does not want to be pushed around too much - which is fair enough - who does?  You would need to manage her introductions to new dogs - she is fine with most dogs - but not a huge fan of certain ones and lets them know.  Her foster family are working on this - and feel that it is more about insecurity and she is really improving.  They feel that once settled she will be perfectly fine.

She needs a family that will be around most of the day and make her the centre of their attention.  She will cuddle with you on the couch and sit by your side.  She is never far away from you and will look at you with the sweetest eyes and will say "can we go for a walk now?"

When she is excited she does a dance routine - and it is irresistible.  You cannot help but smile and be happy.

She is not good in the car - she suffers anxiety.  She can do small trips and hopefully with time that can be built up to long car journeys.  She must be secured by crate or harness - otherwise you will find her in the drivers seat with you.  Which we are sure contravenes some law or other.....

If you want to know more about this gem - then email our human diana'at'shonalona'dot'co'dot'uk

She can send you the forms, tell you more about this girl and talk you through the adoption process.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gone too Long!

Hello all,

It is me, Sally!  Do you remember me?  My hired help has been so very busy and haven't been doing the important things - like blogging!  But we have been reading all your exploits - even if we do not always leave comments!

Well, it has been busy - and one thing that has been making us all very busy is our new little brother....Yes, we would like to introduce Klaus!  He is a Border Terrier X maybe, we don't know much about his past - but we know his future will be a lot better!  He is really a lot of fun - and sometimes to much - but he respects me and doesn't push me when I give him the 'stare'.  So he can stay....

Our little spring lamb....

More photos of our little annoying, I mean, adorable brother....

Also we are having another Fox Terrier Fun Walk!!!

It will be in Brighton on the 21st of April - and we are so excited - we will be seeing our pals again and are so looking forward to it.  If you want to join you can email my peeps - or go to the or for all the details

Hope to see you there!