Friday, 7 August 2009

Healing Vibes Needed for Paddy

Dear all

We really need your help - Paddy has suddenly become very ill.  We truly believe in the power of positive energy and we need all we can get right now.  Paddy went for his morning walk as usual - all was fine - he played with the dogs and ate his treats - then he started vomiting and having the runs.  He just couldn't stop and in a short time went terribly pale and started shaking.  We rushed him to the vets - he is there now on a drip, he has had painkillers, started on some medication and has stabilized.  We are waiting to for an update - we will be transferring him to an emergency vet this evening so they can continue 24 hour care.  None of his blood tests have come back with anything significant - so we are not sure what to do next.  

Here is a picture of our little boy having a snooze in the laundry basket...

He is the sweetest, fun loving bouncy boy - we are so upset that he is going through this and we want to do all we can for him to make him better.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your energy



    I'll send lots and lots of Sibe Vibes!


  2. we have our paws crossed that he is okay - maybe is is only a bug and he will start feeling better

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  3. We are sorry to read your post - we so hope things improve quickly - sending our basset best wishes
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Oh dear.....we'll be saying special paw-prayers for Paddy.
    Bonnie n Puffers

  5. C'mon, Paddy! We're rooting for you to get better.
    - Charlie

  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH poor sweet Paddy......
    We're sooooooooo sorry for you!!!
    We're sure that your mommy and dad and sister will take care of you in the best way they could!!!!
    We have all our 12 paws crossed for you dear friends and tonight we'll tell a special prayer for you!!!!
    LOts of love and kisses!!!

  7. w00fs, hope Paddy will b up and about in no time..paws crossed and in mamas prayers..

    b safe,

  8. paws crossed for Paddy. We hope he feels better soon. This sounds similar to what happened with Teka last summer - she had eaten a toad, and she was really sick. We hope Paddy gets well as soon as she did.


  9. The power of the Pei Paw is heading your way Sally and Paddy!


  10. We're are sending LOTS of AireZen for Paddy, Sally! Please keep us updated, okay?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Oooh Sally, I'm really very sad and upset to read that, poor little Paddy. I'm sending him millions of wiry get well zens.. you will feel them coming over any minute as you can't be that far away from us...sending lots of cuddles and kisses for D too I know how upset and worried she must be. Keep us updated when you have time. Me n Mom will be thinking of you all. get ready for that zen - it's powerful stuff.

    Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxxx

  12. herding good thoughts your way!
    Morgan and Maisie

  13. Paddy, we are so sad to hear that you are not doing so well. We have our paws crossed and are sending the strongest sibe vibes we can muster to help you get well.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  14. Crossed fingers and paws here for Paddy.

    A similar thing happened to Chef a couple of years ago - suddenly went pale and collapsed. All his tests were normal. He made a complete recovery and to this day, no one knows what was wrong. Apparently, this kind of thing "just happens," and they bounce right back. I hope that's what happens with Paddy. Best healing wishes.


  15. We'll be sending up lots of prayers and healing thoughts to Paddy. Could he have ingested something? Maybe the emergency people can figure that out with X-rays and ultrasound. I know you must be out of your mind with worry. We'll send our positive energy that everything turns out fine.

  16. Oh no...we are sending TONS of healing thought and kisses and gentle hugs.....poor little boy......all of our paws are crossed..Love and kisses A+A

  17. Prayers coming your way, Paddy.


  18. We have all of our paws crossed for you Paddy!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  19. We sending lots of doxie healing vibes your way Paddy. All paws are crossed.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  20. We've got out paws crossed for Paddy and hope he feels better soon.

    Princess Eva

  21. Paddy, Mom is saying prayers for you. I hope you feel better soon.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  22. Oh no, I'm really alarmed to read this!
    Do hope the vets can find an anwer asap.
    Have my fingers & toes crossed and will be thinking of you all.

    Love, pats & pets

  23. I am purring my very hardest for Paddy.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  24. We're sending lots of healing Aire-zen and crossing all twelve paws for you, Paddy! We hope you are feeling better VERY soon!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  25. Sally,
    I just saw this on a fwiend's pootew,I'm on vacation and don't have mine..
    This is tewwibull,I am cwossing my paws and Mommi is pwying like mad.We love Paddy and want him to get well wight away.
    Poow baby boy,pleeezget well..we'we all sending healing vibes and zen and the powew of the paw.
    You awe all in ouw thoughts and heawts.
    smoochie kisses

  26. We will be saying special paw-prayers for Paddy

  27. Mommy just said a prayer for your little Paddy. We're crossing paws and sending loving vibes too.
    love,BRD & Hootie

  28. We are sending positive thoughts and lots of white light from Colorado to Paddy...get well soon
    Draco and his Mom

  29. We are a family of cats that that just happened to hear about Paddy.
    We're a big family, so we are capable of generating a lot of healing energy that we are sending your way. Prayers, purrs and love to you.

  30. Sally - Paddy:

    We've got you guys tight in our prayers & we'll be sending LOTS of AIREZEN.....


  31. We are keeping our paws crossed for Paddy to have a speedy recovery.

    Love -
    Hershey and Kaci

  32. if you still needed a healer call me 07795252628