Thursday, 8 October 2009

Apologies, News and Announcements!

First off - we want to apologise for not writing sooner - on the blog or on your blogs! But our Typist has had a bit of a rough month and hasn't been tremendously reliable - she apologises - we think of our pals even if we do not always write it down!

Well, we have missed so many Birthdays!!! So we wish to send belated birthday wishes to Asta, Butchy , Molly , Molly and Taffy - that is just the doggies - we know we have missed some human and other doggie ones too! We have made a donation to the Fox terrier Rescue UK on behalf of all the birthdays - as you know we are a little partial to the Wire Fox terriers!

It will be Poppy's birthday on the 10th October and Max's Birthday on the 13th October - so if you can go by and wish them a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY I think they will be super smiley for it. We will too - provided our typist doesn't get swamped again.

Also we wanted to help our pal Woodrow out - his humans have been trying everything to get him back on his paws - and his new treatment is quite pricey - so if you can help in any way - I know they will appreciate it. When our beloved Rowan was ill - D and C paid a lot of V-E-T bills - and they would do anything to help him. In the end, his treatment was very expensive - but the thought that they didn't do everything they could for him would have cost them more.

We are all excited here - we are going to meet Jackson again! Yes, it is the 2nd Fox Terrier Fun Walk - in Brighton - and we are looking forward to it. We have been practising our high pitched barks - so the other dogs will know we are there! There will be lots of photos afterwards no doubt - if you are nearby - please come and join us.

We have a guest staying with us - his name is Douglas and we have been very friendly and welcoming - honest! We will post in the next few days about our friend - so stay tuned...

Here is a photo of all 3 of us (I am on the left, Paddy with his goofy smile and Douglas on the end)

Lots of licks
Sally, Paddy and Douglas


  1. Can't wait to learn more about Douglas and his visit. Mom has a human cousin named Douglas so we are partial to the name. ~S,S,C & F

  2. That's one nice fluffy jacket you got there, missy. We bet, Paady and Douglas are in fact a bit jealous of your fuzz. We mean, even we are so surely they would be, too.
    Have fun at the Foxy Walk. We'll be thinking of you.
    We hope the Padmeister has fully recovered by now..

  3. Douglas is a handsome fella. We hope you have a good meetup with Jackson. We wish we could come too.


  4. WE've got the walk on our calendar, and as we traipse through our neighborhood on our morning walkie (wearing all our WFT buttons!) we'll think of you! ALL of you! (Are you sure that that's not Jake there, posing as Douglas? Coulda fooled us!)

    Lookin' Good! All of you!
    Fergi (and a hiding somewhere Jake)

  5. Hiy Sally, good to see you. Now Douglas is pretty handsome he your new beau? I wish I was coming on the Wiry Walk with you and my hero Jackson but Mom is away..can you blogging believe it? I'll be thinking of you all though. Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxxx

  6. Hoooooo what a great picture ! You are all so cute ! Kisses, Faya
    PS : my Véronique is doing strange noise by looking at the picture.....something like....iiiiiioooooooaaaaaaaaaaa.....

  7. How nice to see woo again!

    No need to apologise - we all have issues with our sekhretaries!

    What a lukhky girrrrl - getting to see Jakhkson and oh so many OTHER WFT'S!

    I khan't wait to read more about this Douglas furella - he looks rather fun!


  8. Hey guys!! We were beginning to wonder about you - everyday we strolled by you blog to see if it updated and SURPRISE!! Today we noticed that you were there.

    You'll notice that we only have 3 signatures for a few more days - Lilly is on vacation with her paramour, Debonair Lad. She should be coming home next Wednesday. Mom can't go pick her up before then because Mom has the flu and is quarantined by her doctor. Carrleigh and Piper are having to be the nurses - BOL!!

    Have a great day - enjoy Douglas and your walk.

    Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  9. How neat that you get to meet up with Jackson! We sure wish we could join you! What a handsome boy Douglas is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. I have missed you. What a nice picture, Sally you look beautiful and Douglas is very handsome. Paddy you are adorable and I want to play with you. Have fun on your walk.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  11. Oooo! Douglas is a good lookin' boy!

  12. Eeeeewwww Douglas sure is a cutie pie...hope he's not one of those wires lookin' fer a new ferever sad when that happens....why can't the humans just love us the way we are....we always love them....

    Ya all look so sweet tagather....have a great weekend and give Jackson a hug from all of us when ya see 'em at yer walk....we're hopin' he's doin' OK.....

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  13. Hey pals, looking forward to barking at you later this morning! J x

  14. Oh you are 3 very good looking doggies!

  15. We saw you! We saw you!!!! Blue directed us to her blog and WE SAW YOU!!!!

    It looks like the walk couldn't have been more perfect! Congratulations!!

    We're looking forward to more pictures!


    Jake and Fergi (we were walking here, proudly, with our buttons on!)