Saturday, 25 April 2009

An Award and TTouch


We would like to thank Tula and Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie

They have awarded us the Neno's award

About the Award *As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.  *To seek the reason why we all love blogging.  *Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.  *Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.  *Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.  *Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.  *Don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post.

So here it is - the reason why me (and now we) love blogging...

We have met lots of super furry and not so furry friends.  We get to see and experience cities and places we have never been to - we learn new languages, ideas, recipes and so much more.  

We share our experiences with others and they with us.  We laugh, smile and sometimes cry with our fellow bloggees - we realise that the world is a small place and there are a lot of lovely beings out there.  

Now we are to tag other bloggers - but we think a lot of them have received this - so I pick one who may not - my new friend Max - and if you haven't been tagged - consider yourself fully tagged!

Now .... on Sunday - we got into the Moving Kennel (ie D and Cs car) - and drove a long time to go to a Sea Scouts Hall.  Although we think Paddy would make a good Sea Scout as he is always prepared make mischief.  

We were here for me - we went to a day course of Tellington Touch - if you do not know about it - go to their website:

You see, I spent the first 5 years of my life in a different family  - and they left me with a lot of anxieties.  So much so - that I am a bit reactive - mostly with the thought of my people leaving me - my D calls me Sully when I have my moments - as I become another dog - I shake, bark, salivate and I bite!  It is called Fear Aggression and D has replaced so many of my victims (pillows, teddy bears, trousers and even one dress) - she thinks I have a very large carbon paw print - but I think I am helping the economy through her spending.

So D wants to help me become more confident and relaxed (within the approved Terrier guidelines).  So a friend told her about TTouch - which has worked with wild animals suffering from anxiety at zoos - so if it works for a Tiger - it should work for a wire fox terrier?

But we spent the day learning calming techniques and new 'touches' that help relax me - I really liked the Tiger Touch and am a fan of the ear acupressure - but I was quite nervous as there were big dogs there and I needed a few 'time out' breaks.  Then I was really relaxed with it all.  I was supposed to walk around an obstacle course - but I cut through the course without dealing with one obstacle - in my mind - it is the shortest point from A to B - everyone laughed and admired my energy saving techniques.  Paddy just wanted to play - he tried to dismantle the obstacle course and entice the other dogs to do the same...he is very annoying sometimes.

But it is early days and we will keep you posted on how it works for me.

Sadly we do not have more pictures - but D is not a multi tasker - as mentioned in a previous post - I think she needs some training.  Send her positive photo taking vibes please...

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Monday, 20 April 2009

More Fox Terrier Fun!

Hello everybloggie,

Well as you know - it was the First Fox Terrier Fun Walk on Sunday (Fox terrier Rescue).  C couldn't make it - so D had to drive to Brighton on her own.  Well, she hasn't been on the motorways (highways) for months - so she was a little anxious - but minus a little detour where we started heading North as opposed to South - we made it safe and sound.  Stanmer Park was beautiful - we parked and started walking and saw more Fox Terriers like us!

We met at the cafe and I was well behaved - but Paddy started barking at his new found friends - they replied and then the lady from the cafe came out and asked if we could stand on the opposite side of the street - Geez!!  Some People!  We were just chatting.

Well, D handed Paddy to a nice lady named Diane and he led the charge - thankfully a nice lady named Annette was guiding the group - D wasn't really prepared and was a little concerned she would lead everyone the wrong way and we might never make it out!  So well done Annette - she made the walk go smoothly.  

We met so many lovely WFTs and their owners - and we got to meet JACKSON!  I was too shy to ask for his pawtograph - but we got to walk together and we sat on the grass chatting afterwards. He was keeping an eye on the Goody box - making sure no one stole anything... He is lovely...

Paddy and I had lots of fun and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves..
Here is Rosa standing up to make herself heard...

This is Max at the cafe - he was raring to go too..

Here is Hector getting some attention from a young walker (we love his stickie uppy ears)

Here is Tinkerbell and 2 walkers having an in depth discussion about something...

Here is Paddy (the other Paddy) meeting Seamus - one of the Irish Terriers that joined us.

Kelly made it at the last minute - poor thing - she had a dodgy tummy - but she was a big brave girl and kept up with all of us 

We would of had more pictures - but sadly D isn't good at multi tasking - walking and photo taking are not her strong points sadly - so we have missed some dogs out!

But here is a group shot - there were about 15 Fox terriers and 4 other furry friends - we didn't bother to count the humans!  

We don't know how to big up the photo - but if D figures it out - she will amend it later.  But everyone had a great time - and we are planning to organise another one soon.  Jackson and J1 did a great job and this wouldn't of happened without them and a big thank you to them for the Goody bags!  Those biscuits were delicious - Paddy liked it too - but he has been known to eat dirt - so we are not taking his opinion too highly.  Here is me wanting D to open the bag up quickly!

There are no after shots - as the biscuits did a disappearing act in my mouth...I did share with Paddy.  Thank you to the Dog Dog's Bakery!

Well we were so pooped when we got home - we slept the afternoon away - we were so happy to meet all the other Fox Terriers and hope we can get another one together soon.  

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Failed Foster , New Friend Max and missing Freedom

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in blogging - my typist has been working on a project and was not available - where are her priorities?  

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter that was filled with good food and fun.   Well, I had a little surprise because we went to the Fox Terrier Rescue for Easter - and we came back with a very strange looking bunny.  

I think you may know him as Paddy - well, D and C just couldn't stop thinking about him.  They fell head over heels for him when he was here.  They aren't very good fosters - because they failed on their first foster!  

I have been extra special BOSSY - I am not so good with change - I am not so secure about things.  But D and C are working hard on making sure I have my space and lots of love to reassure me everything will be ok.  Paddy has settled in well - he is really sweet and when he gets a little more settled - I might let him comment from time to time! Looks like Paddy's here to stay.

I have another new friend that I met through D - he is a 14 year old Tong Gau - that means a Hong Kong breed that is local to the area.  He lives in a great little area called Pok Fu Lam (in the hills near a large reservoir that looks like a lake and is filled with Turtles and Koi Carp - really pretty) and has lots of various animal friends.  He has just started blogging - so if you could drop by and welcome him that would be great!  He has a really powerful bark - but is a softy at heart.  His name is Massimilliano - drop by and bark at him - he speaks lots of languages - so you can bark in whatever lingo you want - Thanks!


It was nice seeing everyone at the rescue - lots of dogs have found there furever homes and that makes everyone smile. But a Fox terrier has gone missing and if you can go to the website or look at the photo - just be on the lookout for him - He is about 10 years old, sticky-uppy ears and his name is Freedom.  His owners are besides themselves with grief - so we want to do everything to help him return home.  

If you have any information - please let his owners know - he was lost in the area of Ferndown in South Dorset, 5-10 miles north of Bournemouth.

Well, my typist promises to be more loyal and there will be more posts from me and Paddy  - Licks for now