Monday, 31 October 2011

Foxy Terrier Fun - No 6

Well, we hope everyone has been behaving themselves - we have been away and will slowly catch up with everyone - and we wanted to tell everyone about our great walk in Brighton.

Yep, it was walk no 6 and we went to Brighton Marina and did the UnderCliff walk.  We love this because the walk is under the cliffs (not very original title we know) and we get to stop at a cafe and play at the beach.  As the area is contained and the beach is dog friendly - we get to be FREE!!!!   Some doggies took more advantage of this freedom than others.  Jx took some great videos of beach action - lots of terriers but no trouble - can you believe it?  Her Forever Foxed Flickr page is here:  Forever Foxed Flickr

It was a great day - we had 15 Wires, 1 Smooth, 3 Welshies, 1 Irish and 1 Lakie (she was the feistiest of them all) - and of course we had a lot of noise.  Paddy started it all off - and he wasn't planning on stopping any time soon.  But when he gets excited he can't help but share it with the world.

Here is a group shot (sorry but it is hard to get a bunch of dogs and people together in one shot!)

We got to see a lot of our pals again - and we are attaching some photos of the day - but you can also go to D's Flickr Photos and see more.

I am looking down at a man having his lunch on his yacht - I really wanted to help share his bacon sandwich...

 I am practising my wind swept beard look - I am hoping for a treat ...

Dogs enjoying themselves on the beach...

Finn kept trying to play with me - but I was having none of it!!!

I still suffer from itchy feet - so took a few toe nibbling breaks.  D has bought me new boots - but I do not like walking in them ...

Just about to turn back into the Marina ...

 We had a wonderful day and want to thank Jackie and Noodles for helping to organise it - we couldn't bring everyone together without them!  Snaffles made the little treat bags - but we ate the treats before pictures could be taken - sorry ...but they were very scrummy....

We were all very tired and Paddy went to sleep on the back seat of the car and didn't wake up even when D moved him into the house - he went from car to bed - sleeping!  Here he is in the car...he didn't wake up again until 8 am the next day!

So I hope everyone is well and I send lots of big licks,


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fox Terrier Fun Day!

We had a great time at the annual Fox Terrier Fun Day!  It is the big fundraiser for for the Fox Terrier Rescue - as always - it was a FUN day and the organisers put so much work into making it a wonderful success.  D thinks this photo sums up the way both of us enjoyed the day:

Sally spent the time in between events in the car - she went into her 'dressing room' at every opportunity and only left when the humans wanted her to participate in the ring!  The only time she came out willingly was when the Slowest Sausage Eating competition was on.  I on the other hand, enjoyed myself tremendously!  It was non stop - I was really happy - I would not stop barking.  There were so many Smooth and Wire pals - I just had to let them know I was happy to be there and wanted to play!

Sally watching from her room...

There were a lot of fun groups - we entered a few and I won 4th Best Rescue!  I will not pose for my publicity shot....sorry

Sally got 2nd Prettiest Girl and we won Happy Families.  Which we were really honoured and thankful to be part of the day.  There were so many great dogs and people there - it was so hard for the judges!  In my opinion all the dogs there were red rosette winners - we were all well behaved and strutted our stuff.

D put together a slide show of some of the photos on the day - she took a lot!  So you can see the slideshow or go to Flickr and see all of that Fox Terrier madness.  

Sally was disqualified from the Slowest Sausage eating competition though - the shame the shame!  But as they were putting down the sausages - Sally ate her neighbours' sausage and then ate her own - and this was before they even started the stopwatch!  

Sally looking somewhat bemused at the whole affair...

I am ready for my close up, Mr De Mille....

We were lucky with the weather too!  Although it did rain - the rain came and went - and we could hold an event in between - and the real heavy rain started when the day was over.  So the Fox Terrier charm also worked on the clouds..

We also met some new girls in Rescue - they will be on the Rescue web site soon - but they had a nice day out and lots of people wanted to take them home on the day - we are sure there will be a line of people wanting to be a forever home for these sweeties...



and another Poppy...

The kind person holding them is Jane - we only meet her and her family on Fun Day - their boy George has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis just like me! - poor guy - we know with the love of his family he will get better soon and be fighting fit for the next fun day!

It was such a lovely day and we always enjoy ourselves so much - we can't thank enough the people that make it happen - and all the wonderful families that come and make it such a special day.  

Lots of licks

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sally, the Fox and some prizes!

We have been a household of injury lately - Paddy cut his leg, C burnt himself on the stove and D bashed her knee into the coffee table!  Yikes, we are accident prone.  But I am the worst of all!

You see, we have had an intruder in our garden - she comes every morning and evening - sometimes she brings her pal - sometimes on her own.  Well, I am a Wire FOX terrier - and true to my breeding - I took an instant dislike to her and must keep my garden Fox Free!  Here is a photo of our pest!

Here she is with her demonic eyes!!! You see, she must be kept out at all costs....

Well, I ran out one evening and hit my back leg really hard - I didn't notice it at the time - but when I got back in - boy did it hurt!  And I have been limping ever since.  I am now a 3 legged doggie - my paw is swollen and I do not put any weight on it.  D took me to the V-E-T and my paw was x-rayed and I have a bone chip!  Yes, I chipped a bone in my paw - and they have me on drugs that make me drowsy!! If it doesn't get better I am back at the VETS!!!  So lets hope it heels on its own.  

I still keep a lookout for the fox - but the damn thing has the advantage on me.  Is there any one out there that can come and help keep my garden free of the dreaded fox?  

Will keep guard until I get help... I do feel a little sorry for myself though - but D has been giving me extra cuddles and she carries me everywhere now - so that is one way to train the humans...

Now a follow up from our previous blog - we have some names!!  Paddy pulled them out of a hat and the three Royal Winners are:  the OP Pack, Rocky Creek Scotties and Reilly - please email me at dianaatshonalonadotcodotuk - and my human servant will send some Royal 'share the Love' goodies - if you have a preference let me know.

Lots of licks

Monday, 9 May 2011

Royal Wedding and Royal 'Share the Love' Competition/Prizes

Hello all,

We are a bit delayed in writing this post and we can only blame D.  She is a bit slow - but she does try her best and she has a lot of work to do - so we do not give her too much of a hard time!

Well as you know it was Easter and that is Paddy's Gotcha Day (of sorts) - he is doing well, he has had no further trouble with his eye - thank DOG.  He had one minor pancreatic attack - but D & C got him to the Emergency Vets on time for lots of pain killers and anti-emetics!  So he was right as rain very quickly!  So far no more problems, paws crossed he stays that way for a long time!  Here is a photo of him in his Easter outfit - the scarf was a gift from the Rocky Creek Scotties - we think it suits him - don't you?  We would take  picture of his Birthday supper - but because he has such a restricted diet - we didn't think you would want to see a plate of steamed white fish!  Not sure he was that thrilled either....

Also the following weekend was the Royal Wedding - it was on the 29th of April, 2011 - just in case you were cloistered in a convent and did not see the news!  Well, D is not a royalist, BUT she does love a celebration.  Well, we enjoyed all the excitement and build up to the Wedding and we watched it with Billions of other people. (I got to attend with my sweetheart Jake - I was so thrilled to be part of this wonderful event - D and Paddy sat on the couch in front of the TV ooohhhing!! and aaahhhing!)  Here I am with darling Prince Jake...

You can see all of the fun on Asta's Blog, or Scruffy, Lacie and Stan's blog  - and I do not think Royal Events are the same without us doggies!

It was a great event and after all the bad news you hear every day - we really enjoyed all the good vibes!  We thought they really cared for each other and were in love and we wish them all the best.  Well, D isn't one to let an occasion pass and went on a spending spree of buying all things 'Royal' and British - its a sickness she just can't stop.  She went to her favourite sushi restaurant - and ordered the Royal Nori wrapped hand cone - sorry no photo - she devours sushi quickly I am afraid!  But she got to keep the dish...

She even bought Washing Up liquid (Dish soap) because it had a Royal Wedding theme to it!!!

BUT we have all decided that she should share all this Royal bounty with our friends on the blogs.

You see, we have missed you all terribly, and enjoy reading about your exploits and adventures.  We are a little sad that people don't blog as much (this includes us!) - we understand - but we miss our friends nonetheless.  We have so much to be thankful for - and we are tail wagging happy to be part of this community.  So we have decided to share the love!  Yes, D has put together 3 Royal Prizes to give away.  They are all royal themed and a souvenir of the wedding too!  And maybe a few extra surprises thrown in before we post them!  Here they are:

The rules of this competition are easy  -  all you have to do is leave a comment telling us what you love and / or are thankful for!  Thats it!  We want everyone to tell us their Good news - the things that make you happy - and if you are happy that makes us even more happy!

Somewhere around the 20th of May- we will put all the names in a hat and pick out three randomly.  We will post on our blog the winners and post the goodies anywhere in the world!

Now that has put a smile on all our faces!  Good Luck !

Lots of licks

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fox Terrier Fun Walk 5 !!!!

We met up with our Foxy friends in Brighton on the 16th of April, it was walk no 5 and the sun was shining and the tails were wagging!

Here is a group shot...(Sorry D does not know how to biggify!)

We had lots of furry friends too - and overall we were very well behaved - we had to find a new meeting place because they told us to move last time.  Apparently we make too much noise????  How can 30 terriers barking be a bad thing?

Anyhoo we were loud this time too - but we had more space - and no one has complained are some fun photos ....

Douglas and Noodles saying Hello...

Mr Dooley - a very distinguished Welsh gentleman...

Douglas waiting for his treat....

Our sweet Poppy in her stroller - she is a Fox Terrier Rescue girl - the walk was a bit long for her so her family brought her carriage...

More fun shots...

We took a lot of photos.... please go to the Flickr page here for all of them! J1 and Noodles have some great photos too and you can see them on the Flickr page for Forever Foxed

Once again we would like to thank all the wonderful doggies and families for joining us and making it a great day.  A special Thank you for J1 and Forever Foxed for helping to organise the day - and of course Daisy's Dog Deli - they made the scrummy treats - sadly D wanted to take a photo of all the goodie bag and stuff - but all that was left was this.....

It is a busy month - we have Easter and Easter is Paddy's Gotcha Day - it has been 2 years that he has been with us and we are so very happy.  We also have the Royal Wedding coming up...starting to get ready for both stay tuned

Lots of licks
Sally (and Paddy)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Do you remember us?

Hello everybloggie

Sally here!  We have been gone far too long - we miss all our friends - and we hope you haven't forgotten us!

We have been busy - and we have wanted to tell you about it - but our human is a little over 'worked' at the moment.  But she has promised to put our friends first and get back to the fun stuff!

Just a really quick recap of all the things we wanted to share...

We went and represented Fox Terrier Rescue UK at Discover Dogs (a show put on by the Kennel Club to highlight all breeds and dog related stuff!)  -

This is the first year they had Breed Rescues represented so we were on our best behaviour - Paddy was active throughout all of it - I eventually flaked out and slept - but we were good!  We were surrounded by people and dogs for a whole day!!!  It was great fun if a bit I am being sweet...

Paddy tried to get everyone to play with him and his toys!!!!

We were very tired at the end of the day - I had just enough strength to instruct my chauffeur to "Take me home, James..."

We also went on the WELTAF Christmas Walk in Regents Park - lots of sweet welshies - and us!

Afterwards we walked from Regents Park to Charing Cross - and on Trafalgar Square there was some protest or other - and everyone was dressed up like Santa!   Not sure if you can see them - they are a sea of red at the base of Nelson's Column !  We were very curious - we were trying to tell Santa we were good and deserved lots of pressies - but we did not know which was the real Santa!  

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year and we hope all of you did too!  Paddy has been doing well - his eyes are better and his pancreatitis is under control.  I have had lots of problems with my paws and am wearing socks!  The V-E-T wants to do some tests to see if it is allergies - or what????  I hope it isn't painful!!!  

We do want to ask you to think of us - D has decided she is going to groom us - you see, our regular groomer has been on holiday and is very busy - so D said we are too shaggy and need a haircut and can't wait!  - which we are not sure about - I mean lots of fur is cute, right?  

Fuzzy Paddy Bear

But send D some good grooming vibes (and any tips!) and pray we come out looking like Fox Terriers and not Poodles  (we like poodles and their haircuts - we just do not think it suits our bone structure ;-))

Lots of licks

Sally (and Paddy)