Friday, 20 February 2009

First Fox Terrier in the Western Hemisphere

Hello all - I haven't been out and about this week as I have problems with my paws.  I have an allergic reaction to something and I have gone all itchy and D and C woke up one morning  to find I had spent the night licking my paws - they were so bad I was limping.  I now have medication and have to wear socks - which makes me sulk.  

But today was a reprieve as D had to go to Greenwich and decided I was well enough to join her.  Greenwich is one of my favourite parks and I sit up in the car when we get within a mile of it!  As soon as we park - I toodle off to the Rose garden  (No roses in bloom yet).

I love Greenwich park - I always get a lot of attention and there are lots of squirrels!  I chase them all the time - but I never get them - today I caught the peanut shell as one ran up a tree (it is hanging from my beard).

We walk all around - D loves to sit and view London from the top of the hill - although we didn't have a True Colours Blue list - the sky over London (when there is blue sky!) is one of our favourite blues. (It looks a bit grey - but it was very blue - honest!)

We then went to see the Prime Meridian - well we had to cross it to go down the hill - this is the line that divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres.  There is a flashy Meridian marker with lights - but it was covered with Japanese tourists - so we went to the poor man's marker - 

No one was there - so D had me sit down on the Greenwich Meridian - which means that at 3 pm -  I was the first Fox Terrier in the Western Hemisphere!  I also owned the last fox terrier paw in the Eastern Hemisphere.  

We then went to meet my friend the Hog Roast man at the covered market in Greenwich (sadly D has not remembered his name and too much time has passed for her to feel comfortable asking again - sigh! - these humans) - 

I always get some bit of the pork he roasts - but today I got a whole leg !  Well almost a whole leg - no photos as it made D a little uneasy - she doesn't eat meat - but I sure do!  Well, it was all wrapped up , sadly,  we didn't stop to eat it.  Instead we went walking along the Thames - I can't resist a dip...

We like this walk because there is a Music College nearby - and you can here them playing - so you have your own free public concert.  A somewhat wet me...

The nice thing also about today is that spring is on its way - there were signs everywhere - including our visitors from Canada - not Sally and Rufus , sadly - but a pair of Canada Geese....

Well, D completed her Greenwich errand and we were off home.  Thankfully - she has cut up the Hog Roast and I had it for dinner - a very nice ending to a nice day.  


  1. OH wow, what a super day out. You are a lucky pup. Don't sulk about the socks...just make them a fashion statement


  2. What a wonderful day! Go ask Eric Square Dog about itchy socks, he has quite the collection -- I swear he got them at Harvey Nicks or Paul Smith. Quite the dandy, our Eric!

    Love the photo of you inbetween the meridians. The last in the Eastern hemisphere and the first in the West!

    Your pal,


  3. Sally Girl!

    You go on some of the BEST walks. My girl would love to join you (of course, it is assumed that Stella & I would be there if we could too). I like that you spent your time in 2 hemispheres today. No wonder you worked up an appetite! Glad you got some roast beast to fill you up!

    Stella & I are sending you healing goober smooches to help with your itchies. That's a bummer, that is.

    Goober love & smooches,

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  5. Hi Sally!
    Will try again...

    Sorry, to hear about the sore paws, but think of wearing socks as a fashion statement!

    Would have loved to have sailed down the Thames & joined you on that walk, as so like Greenwich Park.
    Agree the views are great.
    Your Meridian photo did make me smile, and I do recall your liking of squirrels - LOL!

    Love, pats & pets

  6. Sally, Sally!! You got to walk on the Meridian??? We have nuthin' like that here...well...the continental divide in the west but that's miles from here! We can't believe you and Eric get to do walkies off leash and actually come when called! Um...the coming when called is a lesson we've failed at miserably...especially when we see deer or crows!!

    This whole itchy thing stinks...Stan's back is one giant hot spot poor Dog...

    Um knowledge of fashion is extensive, but what's this bout wearin' stripes when in Paree??? Help! I packed nuthin' but polka dots...

    Lakie kisses!


  7. Sally. Oh poor girlie. Itchie scratchies on your poor paws. I hd that too - paws crossed not at the moment. I wore socks too.They were stylish of course for a dog about town such as ourselves, BUT can you believe it Square Mom got me baby ones .Oh the shame.

    Your walkies in Greenwich looked fabbie and I love the photo of you in two hemispheres without having to cut yourself in two. Cool. Who fed those pesky squirells peanuts? Was it the hogman? Probably luring them and then bish bash on the fire for a scrumptious squirell hotpot. Yumm Nearly as nice as hog roast.

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  8. Sally

    We love Greenwich. We were there last August on one of the few days last summer when the sun shone and it was very warm!
    Now we were not told about this Hog Roast chappie. We feel we have been diddled. Upon your recommendation we are going to insist we visit him next time we are in Greenwich.

    Molly and Taffy

  9. HI Sally,

    Looks like you had a very good day! Tell your folks that swimming is very good for sore paws! Than hopefuly you get to it more often. I have my parents believing that a dip in the sea makes my coat shinny.
    By the way, I am very impressed, look at you girl, off that leash! I think I need to give you lesson. Maybe I should say that because your parents won't let me talk to you.

    with wagging tail,

    P.s. I hear about that Meridian thing, glad you showed it to us, we like the poor man better!

  10. Oh horay hooray!We couldn't find your adress...that is our PL2 (Pack leader, lost it) and then we saw your post on someones blog and here we are!! How lucky you get to have a swim.Still too cold here in Massachewsitts. We are SO IMPRESSED by you penut shell pic!!!!!!!!!!! Love and kisses A+A

  11. Sally
    What a lovely walkies..I love peawly blue skies they awe magical.You awe cewtainly the lucky wiwy kid to get to be the fiwst!!!
    I love youw pics and am dwooling ovew youw powk woast..I hope you took youw time and enjoyed evewy last munch
    smoochie kisses

  12. Greenwich and Hog roast all in one day? Can I come and live with you? J x

  13. Hey Sally,
    You have such a lovely park to visit. Thanks for sharing the photos. We're sorry to hear you have the itchies on your tootsies. Have you gotten this before? Good chance it's a seasonal outdoor allergy which is hard to control. After you go outdoors & come in, have your Mama wipe your feet down with a wet rag each time. This might help since it removes the pollen that could be stuck on your fur & pads. Hope your tootsies are better soon.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  14. Ciao bella Sally!

    What a splendido walkie yours was, mia piccola amica! I loved all of the photos on your post (and you are soooo photogenic!), especially the one with the peanut shell. We terrier girls attract all sorts of interesting things, don't we?!? Our beards are like furry magnets!

    I am so happy to make your acquaintance, my multi-hemisphere pal!

    Tanti baci!

  15. Sally! I am so sorry to read about your poorly paws and also the socks, how awful for you! I hope it all gets better soon.

    My Jeannie could not believe her eyes, you live near Greenwich park! Yay!

    When she was a young pup, her Gran and all her family, aunts, uncles, every pup, used to live in Greenwich, and Charlton too.

    And my J used to get taken up to Greenwich park for a run. No, she wasn't a dog obviously, but she was a very active toddler!

    And child. Your lovely photos brought back so many memories.

    She says her Gran used to live in Calvert Road, in Greenwich, but it was many, many moons ago.

    Is it ok if I link with your blog?

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    and Jeannie who is wallowing in memories, especially the one of the view of London from G.P.!!!!!

  16. Sally
    Hehehehmy stuffie-wheeley sissie Myrna was nevew in the ciwcus as faw as I know, although she was bown in the 1940s so she has had a vawied caweew, hehehe
    I hope youw pawsies awe feeling bettew!!!
    I gave you an awawd in my pwevious post ..pleez take it wif love
    smoochie kisses

  17. Hello there! Welcome to DWB!!!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  18. Ciao bella Sally!

    Congratulazioni! Please stop by my bloggie to pick up your valuable Honest Scrap award!

    Tanti baci!

  19. hi sally!

    what a lovely place to walk! luved your prime meridan trick-- one paw here and one paw over there, very clever :)

    it was very nice meeting you. thank you verry much for stopping by my blog too.

    take care of your toes toes!