Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sally Bares All (Honest Scrap Award)

My dear fellow Bloggees,

I am sorry for the delay in writing, but my D has been a busy little bee and hasn't helped me - I need her for typing I am afraid...

D says that if I had access to the computer easily – I would write constantly about all the good food I ate and all the beasties I chased.  I would like to mention for the record that I did chase a fox yesterday – but lost that pesky creature in a brambly hedge.  I did make my C scream like a girl – and he didn’t yell my name in a macho way but VERY  high pitched SSAAAALLLEEEE.  But what he doesn’t understand is that I am a Wire FOX terrier – I was born to put those critters in their place and if I have to run all across the British countryside to do it – so be it!  But it makes my humans debate my freedom.  But when I see that little beast…I just see red…well, some white and black too…I can’t help it….

Now, I wanted to send a big smoochy kiss and Thank you to my wonderful new friend Asta - the sweet, well dressed cutie has sent me a Friends Award.  I think you are the best - and an extra special lick for that one.


If D feels brave she will try and place it in the Blog somewhere - but be patient - she is not hugely talented in the computer programming side of life.

I also have been tapped/tagged twice for the Honest Scrap award!!!  I was tagged by the lovely Lucia and the quadrangular canine Eric (who D affectionately calls Archie when she has been drinking).  I have to tell ten truthful things about myself - the bare naked truth....and pass it on to other deserving blogees....My D isn't always very clued into this computer lark - so if a link is missed - please have patience, sigh and look heavenward - I do....


No.1 I love food – all kinds of food – I once raided a picnic and got my face stuck in a Pringles tube. D offered to reimburse the young ladies the money for the crisps (potato chips) - although I only licked them...

No.2 I like tea – this is a follow on from No 1 – but it is drink – I love milky teas and if any guest leaves theirs unattended I will drink it.  Tables, Chairs, closed doors are no obstacles to me.  To avoid embarrassment – D now makes a tea for me in a proper tea cup  so I will leave her guests alone.  Sadly ,this too, is embarrassing for her - in a different way, as people question her sanity…

No.3 I HATE my humans leaving me – so much so – that I get very ANGRY and attack MY pillow – and then I drag it to the front window and wave  it at the humans as they leave .   I used to attack clothing (whilst the humans were wearing it) – but we have worked this through (or transferred it) – now it is pillows and sometimes a blanket.

No.4 I do not like Boxer dogs, sorry Boxers, but you frighten the stuffin’ out of me.  As soon as I see one I scream and hide behind my humans or a very large dog.

No.5 I like baby toys – little soft toys with rattles or squeaks.  Unlike my pal Jackson, I do not hurt my toys.  But treat them very nicely – they are not pillows after all.

No.6 I do not like doorbells,  no matter the tune they play - something that I think I share with my fellow terriers (this makes my D feel better).  Doorbells make me bark like mad, jump at the door and try to bite door handles and any object near the door (except my human) – this is bad for my humans except when people come to the door selling things or religion – my D then says I am very big and we cannot open the door as she cannot control me….she calls it a ‘silver lining’

No.7 I love to chase small furry vermin like things – I will chase FOXES,  squirrels, rabbits,  rats, mice, etc…I once accidentally chased a small Yorkshire Terrier – he was very  GREY – and moving very squirrel-like – boy, was I shocked when I got close

No.8 I LOVE my family and when my Zia (auntie) visits from Italy I jump all over her – I once had been digging and ran over to her to greet her and jumped on her (VERY EXPENSIVE) designer handbag and left big prints on it – and she didn’t get (too) angry – I still got hugs and cuddles.  And D bought some very nice leather wipes…

No.9 I like all kinds of people, but I particularly like the gardeners in our park – they are very sweet to me and I always interrupt their work for cuddles.  They feed me Rich Tea biscuits and this makes me like them even more…

No.10 I have a bed in every room – bought just for me – but I like to sleep on the couch with my head on a pillow and my belly in the air – or on the humans bed in a similar fashion.  Sadly due to my ‘isssues’ we have only one throw cushion left and one pillow left on the couch – the pillow on the couch is MY pillow...(I think this photo is an invasion of my privacy, but D thinks I am 'cute'...)

I now have to tag fellow blogees - so they to can be honest and say ten truthful things about themselves (embarassing or not!) - if we miss a link or you have been tagged already - please forgive us... JacksonTula, William Tell, Agatha and Archie , Molly and Taffy

Can't wait to read them ....
Lots of licks


  1. Hi Sally,

    We have several things in common, especially the reaction to Boxers. While I love my bloggie Boxer pals, when I see one of those fellas on the street, I get very macho for my 22 lbs. and bark all sorts of insults at him! Even from across the street!

    And while I liked to desqueaker my stuffies as a pup, now I just like to give them a good shake once in awhile and play a tune with them!

    Your pal,


  2. Nice blog Sally..and we love the photo. Going to have to get muzzer to let us try tea..she has always told us dogs don't like it

    gussie n teka

  3. Wow Sally -

    LOVE the pic of you relaxing on the couch...

    Love your honesty - some girls wouldn't tell the whole truth....We have xploding pillows at our house too....squeaker or no squeaker....

    We have very deep barks - so we scare everyone....

  4. We don't know what a doorbell is! We don't have one and mom says we most probably never will!
    Great list, Sally!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Sally
    Hope you'we having a lovely weekend!!!
    Chasing a fox!!!
    I'm soo is what we wew meant to do aftew all..sadly, I will pwobably nevew see one in Manhattan..lucky you ..I loved youw list..I destwoy stuffies, but to Mommi's delight I leave clothes and pillows angel sissie Nowa used to even eat the wall, hehehe(Mommi loved hew deawly and still tweasoowes the holes she left of sevewal pillows)
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess..that's a gweat covew giwl shot!

  6. A FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are trembling with excitement!! We have a lot in common..well we are a bit different with toys...We are like Jackson...ATTACK AND DESTUFF..however 7 is us to the T...we go for any thing moving....As for 10?We once wrote a post about how many beds we had( in every room as well!!!Love and kisses A+A

  7. We must be separated at birthday, Sally as we have many things in common (apart from the stuffie thing!) I drink tea and coffee (black, no sugar) and have raided quite a few picnics in my time. Thanks for nominating me, will have to think carefully about it. Don't want to reveal ALL my secrets, hehehe! J x

  8. Ooops, should have said "Separated at BIRTH". Jx

  9. Oh Sal, you look cute, all half asleep Your list souds a little bit like mine. I'm always barking my head off at Mr Fox. Specially the one who walks on my shed roof. Raiding picnics is my summer game. Specially the ones the fishermen have on the river. Mmmmmm , I love a proper cup of tea too like you. We could have afternoon tea together one day, mugs of tea and Rich Tea biscuits...bliss.

    Wiry wags, Eric xxx

  10. Wooooeeeee! You chased a foxie?? Good goin'. Although our Mama & Papa won't let us off leash cause they know we would chase some kind of vermin out into the woods here & probably get lost. Did you know us foxies were used to hunt deer too??? Yep, so since we have deer in our yard all of the time, Mama taught us to be nice to them. Most of the time they are not even scared of us. Before mama rescued me Butchy, I lived in a house that must have had a doorbell. Cause Mama doesn't have one here, but when I hear one on a tv show, I bark my fool head off, tee hee. You must have anxiety when your pawents leave you. That's why you grab their clothing or tear pillows. We hope you overcome this fear. Mama tells me that she will always come back home to us. I also had a mild case of that when I was rescued. I didn't tear things, but was nervous, didn't want to go in my crate, cried by the door. I'm a good boy now. Snickers likes to lay with her belly up in the air too! You girls are sure silly. Now don't be afraid of big doggies. We have big doggies afraid of little ol us. Yep, our neighbor dog is a big lab & she won't come near us. When she sees us walking around our land, she runs to their garage to hide, hehehehe.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  11. Sally Girl!

    I can just picture you running all over the British countryside chasing that fox! Too bad we don't have any video of that. But, we do have your record of all those honest bits about you. LOVE the belly shot. You're really very photogenic! Do you have any polka dots on that belly?

    Your gardners sound like discerning and well-prepared peeps. At least they take time to cuddle you AND give you treats! I like them already!

    Goober love & smooches,

  12. oh my, you eat your pillow, I eat my bed,

    'nuff said.

    thanks for sharing!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxx

  13. Hello there
    It's furry nice to meet you. I came across your blog through Dogs with Blogs. Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends.
    Big licks to you

  14. Hi Sally, I agree- you're privacy was invaded. Can't someone have alone time with a pillow without having a pic taken :)

    Although would have luved to see the pringle incident!

    Thanks for the honorable award- my honesty is now posted too.


  15. You are a gorgeous dog and I would love it if we could follow each others blogs.
    Love Travis xx!!!

  16. oh Sally, I very much enjoyed reading all about you, very honest!

    I too, have a thing about the door bell ringing, in fact my J says, that I always think the doorbell is for me!

    I don't much care for German Shepherd dogs, my J loves 'em, but one bit me on the bum once when I was young, and I have never forgotten.

    lotsalicks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Don't worry I love the truth.
    I could not stop laughing!!!
    Love Travis
    P.S I follow your blog now.