Thursday, 12 February 2009

TinTin Shop turns 25 !

Hello all!  Well, D and I went up 'West' to help celebrate the Tintin Shop's Silver Anniversary - it has been in Floral Street, Covent Garden for 25 years!  

It has been a bumper time for all things Tintin - In January, there was a celebration for 80 years of Herge and Tintin (and Snowy - naturally) (Thanks Jax for the info - I have a tendency to exaggerate things...)  - there are plans to build a new Museum and it is confirmed that there are plans to make a Tintin movie!  Steven Spileberg better use a Fox Terrier for Snowy or else I will fly to LA and wee on his Begonias.  (I am very much for the peaceful protest).  Well, here is a picture of me on the train going up to the Big City...

I am a bit backwards at going forwards ... I rarely face the direction of the train - this gives me a chance to check out all the passengers and their bags.  Well, we got into Charing Cross...

We walked to Covent Garden - I enjoy this as there are many food related stores along the way - sadly we stopped at none of them!

We got to the Tintin store and everybody was really nice and welcoming - Jane the Manager was super kind and made a fuss.  Here we are together - I am the one on the right - the white one on the left was very quiet and just sat there!  

Michael Farr was there - he has written several books on Tintin and Herge - and is the leading British Tintinologist (someone who knows all about Tintin).  D bought one entitled 'Tintin & Co' - it is all about the history and inspiration of the Tintin characters - and chapter 2 is devoted to Snowy!  I think it should of been chapter 1 - but that was about Tintin - so I guess, as he is in the title...Michael kindly signed my book - and D and I took a picture with him - I got all Luvvie on him and gave him a kiss.  

D has promised to read the section about Snowy to me - apparently Herge never owned a Fox Terrier (his loss) - but the landlord of the cafe/bar where all the journalists used to meet - had a Fox Terrier - This was part of his inspiration. But I won't tell you anymore as I think you should get one of his books.  They have a Quiz and D wants to fill it out and maybe win a prize - but as none of the prizes are edible - I won't be helping her on that one.   

We then went for a stroll in Covent Garden - they have a covered market and lots of Food Stalls - which we did not stop at.  But we were going down the stairs and this lovely smell came my way - so I had to take a quick look.

The man was selling Paella (pronounced HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM!)  - once again we did not stop here.  D wanted to sit and listen to the man singing Opera - he was very good and sang several Arias - including Nessun Dorma - from Puccini's Turandot - one of D's favourite Operas. 

At the end several people from the crowd joined in and sang with him - and D was almost crying - but she cries at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes she cries at commercials about cheese.... Talking of crying, did I mention we didn't buy the Paella?  But on the way back to the train we saw a shop that was selling life sized chocolate Westies (West Highland Terriers).  This is the only dog I would consider biting...

Well, we got back to the station and came home - C had my dinner waiting for me - I am snuggled up and ready to watch TV and go to bed.  We have some Tintin videos - and I may watch them.  I have finally eaten (C prepared Roast lamb - one of my many favourites!)- so I am a much happier girl.  Will write more soon - Toodles and licks to all,  



  1. Looks like you had a swell day out!
    I hate to be picky but Tintin is only 80, not 100. He doesn't look a day over 18 though, does he? J1 wrote about it on her blog: (I warn you that it's nowhere near as interesting as mine, hehehe!)
    J x

  2. LOL!
    You are a natural born blogger Sally.

    The Tintin play came to my town last year, they wanted a local WFT to play the part of Snowie, did a recruitment drive - what they got was a whitish mut.
    I told Jackson to audition when it went to the south coast but...
    JI went to see there and it was another mis match.

    Love, pats & pets

    PS - Saw a squirrel in my garden you would have loved to chase today!

  3. Sally: We loved travelling with you and your mum on the train. I would love to live in a country civilized enough to allow me to travel in comfort (and with someone other than muzzer driving!)


  4. What a fun day you had! Mommy was just complaining the other day that she hasn't been to London in ages (and the last time she was in England, she had to leave London the next morning to go to a wedding in Penrith). And of course, now that the British pound is just $1.43 instead of $2.00+, we have a silly recession going on and nobody can afford to travel. Oh well, maybe later this year. We miss ole Blighty!

    Keep up your excellent blogging Sally!

    Your pal,


  5. Hi Sally!!!!! My name is Lacie...I'm a Lakeland terrier. I live with Scruffy a wiry foxy like you and Babystan, an Airedale...

    Our house is a tad nuts with the three of us to say the least.

    BTW...Scruffy has only live here since he was a pup and he's destroyed more pillows and rugs than you can's a foxy thing...

    Come and visit us at our blog and WELCOME TO THE FAB WORLD OF DWB''s very terrier friendly...(there's lots of us...we're takin' over someday...)

    I have a tendency to ramble on a bit..BTW, what shade is your look lovely!!!

    Terrier barkies...


  6. Oh...Jax sent us...we were supposed to tell ya that...BTW...he's sort of the unofficial wire foxy leader!!

    Have ya met Eric yet???


  7. Sweet Sally Girl!

    Sounds like you as fabulous a day as can be had when your mama won't stop at ANY of the food stalls or stores. And, it looked like you were quite the hit at the TinTin store. We're going to have to bone up (hehehe) on our TinTin. My girl barely knows about him.

    You could be a travelogue writer, you're so descriptive. We felt like we were right there with you. Glad your day ended with some lamb & your bed.

    Goober love,

  8. That was a GREAT ADVENTURE! I passed your blog address to my Uncle, he's a big Tintin fan. The train ride looked fun.

  9. A definitely exciting adventure.

    Bolo's Uncle

  10. Hey Sally,
    You sure had an adventurous day. We're jelly you got to go on a train. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  11. Sally
    Happy Valentine's Day..hope it's filled wif Love!
    I love TinTin and Snowy..we have a bafwoom wug of them(looks just like Daddi and Me, hehehe)
    That looked like a lovely outing..Mommi loves Opewa too and gets a ll teawy when it's bootiful..I see you have polka dots on youw body just like me..maybe we'we twins?
    smoochie kisses

  12. Hi Sally! Happy Valentine's Day...I see Asta noted your spots...she has lotsa spots guys are the wire foxies with Dalmation backgrounds...Asta is my BFF...visit her bloggie...she's a lovely girl and we have many adventures...

    Jax seems quite smitten with you!!! I've been asking him out on dates for did you do it???

    We're gonna add you to our buddy list, kay???

    Terrier barkies...

    Lacie...and my bros Scruffy and Stan who think ur hot, but Jax said paws off.....

  13. Hi Sally! I see you're doing great on your blogging and making lots of friends - that's great! I think you're a very good train rider - I'd be snuffling under everybody's seats and jumping on people's laps, but the truth is, doggies aren't allowed on the trains here unless they're service dogs.


  14. What a great day you had! We came over from Jackson's bloggy to meet you. You sure are a cutie! It's very nice to meet you!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  15. Hi Sally! How cool that they let you into the Tintin shop! Mom got a book all about just Milou there at Christmas... was present for herself,haa!!! Yours sounds great though being signed and all. And I see Blue told you about the Tintin show? Did you see it? I entered for it and came 3rd to dogs like a poodle and a labradude. Sacre Bleu...

    Hope you enjoyed your journey on the train. Be careful the guard doesn't catch you with your feet on the seats,hehehe!!

    Wiry wags, Eric xxx