Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fox Terrier Fun Walk 3

Hello everybloggy!

Yep, we went to the 3rd Fox Terrier Fun Walk - 24 April, 2010. We met at Brighton Marina - and walked the Undercliff walk. Not sure how it happened by D and J1 organised the sunshine too! It was a beautiful day and we were all up for a walk!

Here is a video of the line-up (we were missing a few Irish terriers and fox terriers in this clip) - there were a lot of dogs - we tried to take count and came up with these numbers: 17 Wire Fox Terriers, 1 Smooth Fox Terrier, 5 Welsh terriers, 3 Irish Terriers, and one Airedale

You will notice in the video that one Wire is more vocal than the others - yep, that was DOUGLAS! His family joined us - he is looking wonderful - and he is in fine voice too!

Here are some more photos of the line up - but we needed the panoramic function on the camera - as it was a long line up!

There were so many wonderful doggies and people. Our official photographer was Blue! She walked me for a bit - I was a better girl this time and didn't pull too much.

We also got to see Jackson again! (here he is trying to sneak some ice cream from Blue)

We know he hasn't been well lately and we keep sending him lots of terrier vibes - he enjoyed himself on the day and was a very gracious host!

There were a lot of doggies - we stopped at the Cafe and we all went to the beach to play. There were 10 terriers off lead playing in the water and wandering around - and no problems! Not even one argument - everyone was on their best behaviour!

Reynard and his boots...

A little girl named Poppy - she was rehomed in November 2009 - it was lovely seeing her and her lovely family!

And here is a rescue from the RSPCA - sweet little Billy...

We then carried on to Rottingdean and up and over the cliffs back to the Marina. Paddy and I were flagging - Paddy has had back problems and we weren't sure he was going to be up for the walk. But with true Terrier tenacity we kept going....

(Do you like my new orange collar? My Nonna sent it to me - Thank you Nonna - Baci Baci Kisses!)

But Paddy was very poopy by the end of it - here he is taking a break - look how long his tongue is!!!

Well we made it back to the Marina and had a well earned lunch! Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jackson's family who helped arrange a lovely day, to Blue for being our photographer and of course all the doggies and people that attended and made it a perfect day!

There will be more photos on the Fox Terrier Rescue UK site shortly....when D gets her act together....

Lots of licks

PS We had a lovely goody bag - but ours has been taken apart already! Biscuits eaten (Thank you J1 and Dogs Dog bakery!) - but here is a picture of the non edible parts....


  1. We enjoyed your photos of your walk. What a lovely day to be out with so many dog freinds. So many cute Terriers!! We live in Montana in the USA out in the country so we don't see to many dogs but lot's of wolves, deer, elk, eagles,moose and things like that. We walk in the forest often and love the sites. Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  2. It sure looks like a wonderful day! So many dogs and peoples to go on your walk. Thanks for taking us along!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. All those terrors in one place!


    Thanks fur sharing that great day fur such a great khause!


  4. What a wonderful day - we wish we could have been there with you.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. We loved the video! So many doggies had so much to say!
    We were at Dylan's blog earlier and he was there too! We wonder if you ran into him, Sally?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Boy oh Boy why wasn't I there? S'not right. But what a wagging sight all of you square dogs together having a jolly time. Thank you for showing. Specially the video. Funny how we all have the same bark. And your new orange collar looks wicked , my one and only favourite colour. Wiry zen for poor Paddy and his bad back and of course for Jackson.

    Wiry love n kisses

  7. Y'all had a blast. I listened to y'all barking, and it sounded very familiar. Y'all bark with British accents. Mommy says I bark with a southern accent.
    Sally Ann

  8. Hi Sally and Paddy,
    What a great post!!! What a great day!!!!! You all had a wonderful time!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I loved seeing all the pictures. The video wouldn't load for me, but then I am on dial up!!!
    A real nice day!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  9. Oh...Mumsie just passed out with total terrier cuteness overload...

    All those terriers and JACKSON,too!!

    How we would have loved to be there!

    And I can yap as loudly as dear Douglas!! He was in fine voice...

    Thanks soooo much for sharing...we felt like we saw it all!!


    Lacie, Scruffy and Stanny

  10. We weren't there in body, but we were in spirit! And we've been sneaking in to see pictures (though Moma's not given us time to comment on them ... seems she has a gazillion things to do to get ready for Our Girl's big day ... graduation ... and Gramma and Auntie coming to town.) We've LOVED the photos. All of them. Especially the one of Douglas that you sent. He is such a sweetie pie. (But then, ALL square dogs are the best!) You know what? I think even Jake can bark louder than he! One day you'll hear him!

    We're so glad you had a perfect day for the walk, and that Jackson was up for the day. It was practically perfect ... and we loved being able to be a part of it. Even clear over here.

    Back to work, with time out to view pics,
    Fergi (and Jake) ooxx

  11. Hi Sally and Paddy and Diana,
    I have lots of Amaryllis in the garden and they come up very year with out my attention at all. They are a very good value in Florida. I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures of your flowers!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  12. Sally and Paddy

    I am sooo happy to see these pictoowes and videos.You had a pawfect day and I'm so jelly that I wasn't able to be thewe wif you in pawson. I was cheewing you on fwom hewe though. You awe all such good little tewwiews and such twoopews.
    I hope you bof have wested up fwom the big day.
    I've nevew been wif that many would be a dweam
    smoochie kisses

  13. That's alot to YAP about & quite the terrier line up.. i'm scurd:) Beautiful walk.. extra treaties for you Paddy- and your stretchie tongue!


  14. Wow, all those terriers all together all in one place. Gillie would have a blast!!!

    What great pictures! Looks like fun was had by all, especially you!!!

    Have a great weekend,
    Much Love,
    Woofs and Hugz,
    Josie and Blues

  15. That looks like loads of fun! What fun it must have been to be around all those other lovely wft and other furries. The two-leggeds looked like they were happy too.

    Licks and wags...

  16. Ciao Sally thank'you for your message...what for a beautiful walk and so many of you looking eh eh......
    I'm feeling a little better but can not go out yet....still to weak.....still sleeping with P. next to me and receiving kisses when i get anxious.....hope to be out Max

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  18. What an emotional day, week, few months this has been. In so many ways. Right now ... we are so thankful that you got to spend time with Jackson and his Js at the Fox Terrier Walk. We're sure that that day brought lasting memories. We've sure enjoyed the pictures (when we peek at them between the gazillion jobs Moma has lined up to do before the VIPs get here .... on Sunday.)

    ANYWAY. We hope you can imagine our delight when an envelope arrived from the Royal Mail today!!!! A nice cheer us up. With a bit of sad overtones. We love our non-edible souvenirs and NOW we REALLY feel as if we were there. And that feels very special.

    Take care. Cuddle your people and make sure they hug their dogs. Life is short. But Life is very very good. Especially with nice friends like you!

    Jake and Fergi, MomaSally and NinaGirl

    and ... hey ... we just talked Moma into a bite of that one remaining Dog Bone Cookie you sent. We've been saving it for a special occasion, and that occasion is NOW!

  19. I thought I had lost you guys !!! It has been so long since I heard from you. Glad you are ok!!!!! I was worried. Tom is getting a passport so he can come if it turns out he will go to London for his surgery.What has been going on in your life???
    Thanks for the kind words about Bambi. She know she is not doing all she use to do. That happeneds to us old firls!!!!
    Thanks so much for your visit!!!
    XXOO, Fern

  20. Sally and Paddy
    I suwe wish you would come and visit. I know we would have a wondewful time togethew. Looking at these pictoowes makes me sad al ovew again about ouw deaw fwiend Jax, but how wondewful that you wewe able to all be togethew at such a special event
    hope you awe bof doing well. I love you!!!!
    smoochie kisses

  21. Hello. I am Macy , a lakeland terrier. Can I come on the next fun walk?