Saturday, 30 October 2010

Fox Terrier Fun Walk 23 Oct 2010

Yep - it was time for our 4th Fox Terrier Fun Walk - once again it was in Brighton on the promenade of the Undercliff walk. We were really worried because there was a lot of rain predicted - but as we approached Brighton it was sunny! Very Sunny! So we were thrilled! The power of the terrier paw!

We met at Brighton Marina - it took us a while to take photos and get everyone organised - and we were a very loud bunch. As per normal we were asked to move along as we were creating a lot of noise and becoming a distraction - which we feel is appropriate for all those terriers! The video is a little calm - we were much louder! This made D and C smile a lot - there is nothing better than energetic terriers!

or it is on YouTube (We have had a lot of problems with Blogger this morning!)
Fox Terrier Fun Walk 4

There were 16 Wire Fox Terriers, 6 Welsh Terriers and 2 Irish terriers and associated humans!

A great turnout for an uncertain day (at least weather wise) - we had to hang around until D and C could get photos sorted, ho hum..

We walked to the first stop - which is the cafe - but it was a challenge - as the waves kept breaking against the wall and drenching the people on the walkway! D, Me and Paddy got hit by a huge wave and were drenched! Here is an example of what we are talking about

By the time we got to the cafe - we were wet and hungry - we stopped and had coffees and sandwiches - very civilised. There are some great photos on Facebook (click here) or Flickr (click here) - they were taken by Colin's human - Michael Lyons - he is a professional photographer and it shows - there are some great shots! J1 also took some great shots and you can go the Flickr page for Forever Foxed.

Some brave souls ventured on to Rottingdean - then over the cliffs back to the marina - there was a black cloud on the horizon - and it got us! We were hit with cold, sleety type rain - but thankfully it lasted for less than 10 minutes and then went. The sun came back out and dried us for the last bit of the walk.

Paddy got to walk with his new pal Colin, and Noodles - they helped keep him on the straight and narrow - he used them to bounce off of when he walked - so he never slipped into the road - so you see terriers are good assistance dogs!  This is a photo taken by Michael Lyons of the 4 terriers - Paddy safely in the middle of Noodles and Colin - this is one of our favourites! 

We got to meet so many of our pals and make some new ones - it was a great day. J1 and Noodles arranged the lovely goodie bags - sadly we ate ours and there was nothing left to photograph but a plastic bag.

In case you are wondering - my paws are ginger again because my allergies have hit - D wanted to get me all pretty for the walk - but I hate baths - so she thought as it would rain she would wash me when we got home. So if I seem a little 'grey' blame D! Our next blog will have a clean me - promise!

Lots of licks
Sally (and Paddy)


  1. What a super fun day - except for that drenching wave!
    We hope you get your allergies under control, Sally.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. That sure looks like a super fun day!! We hope your allergies get better Sally! I hate baths too! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. I see Welhies. I see Welshies. Wow, I wish I could have been there.
    Sally Ann

  4. So many terrors!

    I mean TERRIERS!

    Thanks fur sharing this great event!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  5. Sally! Do you have ANY idea how many times Moma has poured over all the VeryCoolPictures from your walk????? She's spent hours looking them over, and has even gotten to be able to recognize you and Paddy and Noodles and Colin without any captions! It looks like you had a GREAT time! We so wish we could join you sometime. We still have the announcement from the April 24 walk on our fridge, and, matter-of-fact, Moma wore her button today when we all went out antiquing! (The doggie in the spring announcement had on a raincoat and was under a brollie .... YOU needed that last weekend!!

    Anyhow ... we LOVED the pictures. Jake was THRILLED to see you (and, honestly, likes your ginger look) and it was wonderful to see Paddy out and enjoying himself. That video of him between Noodles and Colin is PRICELESS! Everybody needs friends like that. And we are soooooo glad you are OUR FRIENDS!

    Jake, and Fergi, too!

  6. What a fun day you had, Sally. So sorry to hear about your allergies. It has been a bad year for them here according to our vet. Poor TD had problems with his paws and his snooter earlier, and now it is his ears. He really isn't too happy about the Momster cleaning them and adding the meds, but he is doing OK.

    Thanks for sharing all the great pics.

    Happy Howloween.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. OMD...we love love love that pic of the four terriers on the attack...and I was wondering how your paws got ginger!! Scruff said you musta been makin' ginger bread cookies and stomped in it, but I assured him it's a month to early for that.

    What we would have given to have been there...

    Love you guys, Buckets!!

    Scruffy, Lac and Stanny

  8. Sally and Paddy
    I sooo wish I could have been at that most wondewful walk..
    It looked spectaculaw.

    Don't wowwy about Halloweeny sally, I would nevew let anything scaiwy happen to you
    smoochie kisses

  9. Hi Sally.....
    What an amazing group ya all had on yer terrier walk....we could never get so many terriers ta attend a walk here....why I don't think there's that many terriers anywhere near here....I can see ya had a grand time and I can say that while ya were pretty loud....ya shoulda else would anyone know ya were havin' fun!

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  10. What a wonderful adventure you had! It sounds like so much fun. I get to see other dogs only when we go for a walk in the park and there may be one wondering thru for me to see. People just don't seem to get together here with their dogs.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  11. Hey Sally! We've been thinkin' about'cha. 'Specially Jake.

    Please excuse the copy and pasted comment, but we're trying to get the word out:

    OK. We're gonna admit. Straightaway. No bones about it. We're taking the easy peasy way out. We want to get around to EVERYONE on our blog roll to remind you about the Second Annual Worldwide Moment coming up on Sunday 14 Nov 10. Were you there last year? Do you remember? Or are you new to it this year? Wondering what that Countdown Clock is on blogs that you visit? Whatever. We want you and everyone you know to have a chance to participate in the Silent Minute, the Candle Lighting and the Shout Out! Come visit. We've got a new banner for you, HTML for an (accurate, now that the word UNTIL is in red) Countdown Clock and a link to figure out what time 11:00 PM GMT is in your neck of the woods.

    So. You're getting this 'cause we've been friends in the blogging world and we want you to know.

    Please forgive the "stock" comment, but we told Moma we've never done this before and we'll not do it again (at least until next year.)

    Loads of wirey love and lots of encouragment to join in (and to pass the word)
    Jake and Fergi (and OurMoma and OurCollegeGirl)

  12. What a super fun day - and that last pictures is a classic. Mom enjoyed Michael's picture of the sea wall waves on FB.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  13. Hi Sally thanks for popping by, I've seen the full set of photos on FB they are great, its a shame we don't live closer I would have loved to have been there.
    See Yea George xxx