Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Seeing Dogs behind our backs!

Guess what? D left us - yes, she went to Italy for a holiday. Can you guess the city?

Yep, she went to Milano! We were jealous - I love Italian food and shopping too! Plus I want to see my Zia (Auntie) again - I love her very much - I wake her every morning with kisses when she comes to see us in London.

Well, as D was in Italy for a few days - she went to visit Paco, Milo and Maya ! That made us really jealous! Now, there should be a lot more photos - but D forgets to use the camera and didn't take many photos of the trip there and back. But she says it is beautiful countryside - and the day was sunny.

She was thrilled to meet them - they are so adorable!!!! Here are some photos...(You will notice there is one extra baby - they were babysitting a Maya lookalike!)

D brought some stuffies for them...they didn't last long...but they all played really well - can you imagine 4 terriers playing so well ?...

Paco and Milo playing Tug-o-War with the quacking duck...

The two sisters with the pink shoe...

More Tug-o-War...

The pink shoe...

A very pensive Milo - he sometimes just stops and takes in the scenery and thinks...contemplates the world...a true philosopher of life

Here is Paco taking a sweet nap inside - he still has his hurt face and we are hoping he gets better really soon - we are sending lots of Wirey healing zen and hope he makes a full recovery soon.

D had a wonderful time and she thinks Paco, Milo, Maya and their Mom and Dad are just wonderful!!!!!!!!!! She is making plans already to go back !!!!!!!!! D was really sad she had to say Good Bye and said that even if the planes aren't flying - she will drive back (hoping the moving kennel a.k.a 'the car' can make it)

We got lots of GOODIES!!!! Here is a picture of me and some of the goodies - Please note that there was a lot more Salami - but D took pictures just today - so a lot of the Salami has already been eaten

Yum! Yum! Thank you Paco, Milo and Maya (and leggeds) - We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paddy really liked the squeaky balls - he was a very loud and a very happy boy!

There was a gift for Mom and Dad too - two bottles of wine - one bottle has already 'gone' since this picture was taken....

We are really happy D wasn't stranded in Europe - but D says that although she would miss us - she wouldn't mind being 'stranded' in Italy. In fact, she wants us all to be 'stranded' in Italy.

Well, Paddy is getting his wish to spend more time with friends - the 3rd Fox Terrier Fun Walk will be held this Saturday in Brighton!!!!!!! We will get to see Jackson!!!!!!!!!! He hasn't been well lately and we want to give him big licks and make him feel better.

Lots of licks from us
Sally and Paddy


  1. What a great trip D must have had! We had been wondering how Paco, Milo and Maya were getting along. It's nice to see they were just busy entertaining. Seeing your wine reminded Mom of a bottle of Italian wine she had been saving. Since our Dad's doctor prescribed that he drink a glass of red wine every day, she thinks it will be the next one she'll open.

    Have fun on your walk and give Miss Blue a snoof or two for us.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  2. What a great trip that must have been! We just finished reading Paco's post too - his Mom had told our Mom all about your visit and how much fun it was. We all have our paws crossed for Paco to be doing so much better. Great pressies you all got.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. We just read the P/M/M's post too!

    It was great to see their visitors!

    I'm sure woo were furry glad to have your mum home ESPECIALLY since she brought some GReat smells bakhk!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  4. We just came from Paco and Milo and Maya's blog! It looks like a fun time was had by all! We hope you and Paddy get to go next time, Sally!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Looks like you got some great treats from that trip. You're very lucky!

    Licks and wags...

  6. That sure looks like a wonderful trip! Your treats look good also!! Love, Debbie and Holly

  7. What a good trip your human had...you got some pretty nice suvioners from the trip too.

  8. Hi Sally and Paddy and D,
    So nice that you got to go D !!!! Always fun to meet people you talk to regularly.
    It looks like and sounds like a great trip!!
    Next time D gos I hope you guys can go too!!
    Have a good week-end, Bambi & Fern

  9. We've been thinking and thinking about this visit of yours! What a grand time D must've had! We totally hope that you, Sally, and Paddy, too, can make a return trip sometime soon. Moma keeps telling us how wonderful it is to travel with dogs in Europe. If only it wasn't so hard (and expensive!) to get from England to the continent. (Or for US to get to England!) We'll probably have to travel as our flat selves, if (when?) we get to make the trip. Someday. (Hint Hint Moma!)

    We're heading over to see Paco and Milo and Maya's blog!

    Enjoy those pressies! All of them! And have lots of fun on the walk on Saturday. Word has it that Paddy's back is hurting ... we hope it gets better!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  10. Oh, what a beautiful trip! We'd be sooo jealous too. But can you blame her? Sorry...

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  11. Hiya pals. What a wagging time your D had and lovely gifts for you and Paddy. I didn't see your flat selves make an appearance P'haps you were busy stuffing down pizza and pinot....

    Wiry loves Eric xxx

    Thought of you all on your fun walk - I was jelly....wish I had got to come along....

  12. Sally and Paddy

    I'msoooo jelly that youw pawents got to go meet Paco milo and Maya and theiw peeps..they look like such lovely hoomans and I didn't get to meet youw eithew..sheeesh..I'm sad.

    I'm glad you got lovely pwessies and I just saw the pics on blue's site of you at the walk wif Jax..YEAH!!!!!!!

    I love that you wewe thewe and got to see him.. I wish I could have been thewe and given you all big hooge smoochie kisses
    I hope you ppost mowe pictoowes