Sunday, 30 August 2009

We're back!

Hello every bloggie from Paddy,

After everything we have been through - D and C decided a nice restful break in the lake District was required.  So we loaded up the moving kennel and were off for a week!  We stayed on a lovely farm - with tasty - I mean - sweet sheep.  Unfortunately the wall around the garden was only 1foot high - which caused D and C anxious moments- Sally got the message not to jump over - but those sheep were calling me to them! Honest!  I just wanted to go over and 'play'.  Really...

There were lots of great farm animals incluing some very friendly cows.  The news has been saying that they are mean and will trample you - but they were sweet and kept trying to lick me and Sally - which isn't as sweet as it sounds since they have very rough tongues - do you think they were tasting me...Here are photos of us meeting our new 'friends'

We had lots of fun - lots of walks on the beach, hikes in the country side - and sadly trips in the car to Charity Shops and little antique Fairs - but it did rain every so often and D jumped at the chance to hijack us and force us to look at Bric-a-Brac!  Which was ok as I love hanging out the window of the car...

Heres some photos of happier, non-antique related times...

We loved our walks because we usually ended up in a Pub - here I am looking longingly at a pub that serves lovely food - all I got was chicken - how very disappointing ...

So to make up for it - I decided to roll in poo - if I cannot eat - at least I will have some joy in my life....
We weren't the most welcome diners after this ...

But we ended every day the same - nice and warm at the cottage - curled up - we were so tired we even forgot to sleep on separate couches....

I had some trouble with my back - but my pancreatitis stayed away - we want to thank everyone again for all their support - we will be coming round the blogs to see what everyone has been up to - so, smell ya later...

Lots of licks

Friday, 21 August 2009

Paddy Update

Hello all,

Sally here - I finally got control of the computer again after all this drama in our house.  We were really worried about Paddy, me included - I went to visit him at the hospital - and was so happy to see him I gave a few licks and made him fall over - I felt bad but I was happy to see him.  I act a bit silly with him sometimes - but I secretly quite like him.  SSSShhhhh - don't tell him though...

Well, all tests confirm Paddy suffered from Pancreatitis (I had to look that one up) - so he is on a very plain diet - and D has been besides herself making sure he doesn't supplement his diet!  This is not easy with Paddy - we caught him trying to eat a log, nettles, some horse manure.... you get the picture.   D wants to buy Paddy a large hamster ball - so she can roll him about and he can eat nothing and no one can hurt him.  I said he would have no life if he was a boy in a bubble - but she would feel calmer...But here he is in the park trying to get his Border terrier pal Oscar to play with him - using the Paddy stare...

The bad news - is that I am eating a plain diet too!  No treats, no table scraps, no nothing!!!  D sometimes secretly feeds me my treats behind his back - so he doesn't feel bad he doesn't have what I have... 

But we have been worried sick about him and D hasn't stopped watching over him - even I have been nice to him.  But he is still on a regime of rest and relaxation - he seems to be settling with his digestion.  So paws crossed we can keep that going furever!

Here he is sleeping on his favourite blankie....

He has had some pleasant dreams lately - I wonder if it has anything to do with dreams of the lovely nurses - I told Paddy about what wonderful nurses Asta, Agatha and Asta down under are - and trainees Koobie and Lacie - the thought of them keeping him company really cheered him up.  Every time he hears a blender - his tail seems to wag more....  well, I am sure that is a smile on his face...

We wanted to let everyone know that we are so thankful for our great friends and for all the support we have been shown.  D and I will be going round the blogs and thanking everyone in person - the power of the paw prevailed!  

We are using the next few days for Paddy intensive treatment - lots of fun and relaxation - plus we are planning a beach trip!  But we are not going to let him free in case he tries to run to Scotland again!

Lots of licks

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Paddy is home!

We have our Paddy home!!!  The Hospital said that his vomiting had stopped - and although the other end wasn't completely right - with a lot of TLC at home - he should make a full recovery. They ultra-sounded his pancreas and it was ok -  nothing out of the ordinary - so we are still not sure what started this all off.   He has to stay on a special diet for now - I am afraid it is no ice cream for Paddy!  So please eat some for him instead!

He is very tired and has been very sleepy - but he is on the couch having a snooze.

We are forever in awe of the power of the paw!  We have our boy back and we are thrilled.  We are going to let him gather his strength and then we will be back ... and blogging...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Paddy is out of ICU!

Yes, he is out of the Intensive Care unit - he made it through the night - has responded well to his IV and he is eating and drinking (and more importantly keeping it down!).  He still has a few problems with the other end - we are hoping it settles down too.

The Vets have been on rounds - so were late calling - boy, it was causing me to get intestinal sympathy pains!  He is still there - they have done a lot of tests and they are pretty sure it is acute pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas - but they are not sure the cause.  So he gets ultrasound tomorrow - our poor little Paddy boy.  

The Clinician said that we should not be shocked when we see him as they have shaved him in various places to get blood/ ECG/ fluids in and out and then eventually the ultrasound.  What the hell do we care?  They can give him a Mohican for all we care -  as long as we get him back happy and alive!

We want to thank everyone for all their positive energies - it is working!  

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Paddy Update

First off, we want to Thank everyone for the good wishes and positive vibes - it has helped us and Paddy through this very difficult time.

Yesterday afternoon Paddy took a turn for the worse and his little body went into shock - his blood work showed severe protein loss and electrolytes from all the vomiting and diarrhea - although he was on a drip he was not responding  -  so he was rushed to the Emergency Critical care unit at the Royal Veterinary College in Potters Bar - the Queen Mother Hospital.  His prognosis was 50/50 - and we were told he needed a little bit of luck to get him through the night - but we knew better!  He had all these wonderful two and four legged friends wishing him better and he has made it through the night!  

He is still not out of the woods yet - he is currently on heavy painkillers and continues on an IV.  BUT he got up today and had something to eat and drink.  We drove out to visit him and he sat with us for a bit.  Colour has returned and he actually looks like Paddy again.  He is quite 'happy' with the painkillers and I have no doubt he will have some wonderfully psychedelic dreams.  I told him about all the good wishes and he knows we are all willing him better.

We will have an update tomorrow - but if he makes through another night - his chances for recovery are very good.  

It is a wonderful facility and the staff have been very good to him and us - he has his own Student Resident Vet - so he always has someone nearby to hold his paw and make sure he is safe.

Thank you all so much for all your energy - we hope you understand how much it means to us.  


Friday, 7 August 2009

Healing Vibes Needed for Paddy

Dear all

We really need your help - Paddy has suddenly become very ill.  We truly believe in the power of positive energy and we need all we can get right now.  Paddy went for his morning walk as usual - all was fine - he played with the dogs and ate his treats - then he started vomiting and having the runs.  He just couldn't stop and in a short time went terribly pale and started shaking.  We rushed him to the vets - he is there now on a drip, he has had painkillers, started on some medication and has stabilized.  We are waiting to for an update - we will be transferring him to an emergency vet this evening so they can continue 24 hour care.  None of his blood tests have come back with anything significant - so we are not sure what to do next.  

Here is a picture of our little boy having a snooze in the laundry basket...

He is the sweetest, fun loving bouncy boy - we are so upset that he is going through this and we want to do all we can for him to make him better.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your energy