Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A magical Christmas Eve

Dear all

My human assistant has been very busy and hasn't put enough time aside for me! I have been wanting to tell you about the best Christmas eve - ever! As you know, I accepted Jake's invitation to go on a 'stroll' on Christmas eve. I was really nervous - I have never been out with anyone and I wasn't sure what to say, or do, or wear! But D said that I had to be myself - and just enjoy the day.

Even though he had to travel a long distance - he was on time. It was Christmas Eve and the door bell rang and there he was!!!

The Rose was for me! Before letting us go - my family wanted to meet him and get to know him. So we went for a walk in the woods near out house, I was nervous - but he is so sweet and kind - that I relaxed - we had a snowball fight - and he let me win!

My family thought he was a true gentledog - they gave me some pocket money (poor Jake lost his in a terrible Poker game with some dubious dogs). So we went up west - he arranged a carriage to bring us - he wanted us to really enjoy the sights.

Jake had his camera too - so he will put more photos on his blog when he gets a chance - but we saw lots of London - we walked along the River and went into Hyde Park and came across the German Christmas Markets

Well, we could both smell the beer and sausages - and even though I am sure Miss Enid would not recommend a sausage feast on a first date - well, we couldn't resist! After all that german beer and sausage - we needed to walk some more - so we walked along the River and on the Southbank - and all too soon Jake had to go home - I wanted the night to go on forever...

He is the kindest, most gentle dog I have ever known - he made me feel really relaxed and I could be myself...before he left I stole a quick good bye kiss...I think he didn't mind....

He had a safe trip back to Aunt Peggy's - he is waiting for his family to come back and then he will post more on his blog too!

We would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas (we didn't get a chance to drop by all the blogs before the 25th!)

Lots of licks


  1. How sweet!! We knew you and Jake would just be perfect for each other.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Sally is that luv in your eyes??!! luv for beer, luv for sausage...well, yes, but luv for Jake!

    what a wonderful first date!

    Happy Holidays,

  3. you and Jake seem to have hit it off royally..we do appreciate this glimpse of your date and hope to see more pictures on Jakes blog soon


  4. That was a special "first date" ummmm the dinner sounded delish!

  5. Wagging you had a great time Sally. But Crumbs. Miss Enid fell head over wheels in dead faint when she saw you and Jakey boy shared a Bratwurst on your first date.(Yum did you have mustard with it? And a yard arm of ale?)Yep. Pesky Sweet Pea had to revive Miss Enid with stinky smelling salts. Then soothe her with a cup of hot Bovril. Course. Once she'd recovered she then saw you'd KISSED. Well. That wheely sent her into a frenzy. She's been consulting her Eat A Cat books for hours. And hours. Yawn. Don't think this will be the last you'll hear of this. Haaa!! As if we care.

    Wiry love Eric xxx

  6. What a lukhky lukhky girrrrrl woo are!

    Tank woo fur sharing those special moments from your big day!

    We hope woo had a furry merry khristmas!

    Happy Almost 2010 too!


  7. Looks like a most excellent time! And I think that sausage on a first date is perfect!

    *kissey face*

  8. Sally
    I am sooo happy that you had youw date wif that sweet and gentle Jake(my adopted Bwuvvew you know..and boy am I pwoud of him!)

    It looks like you shawed a magical day..I know it won't be the last, and I think Miss Enid should welax and enjoy the fact that two such pawfect fuwwkids found each othew
    smoochie kisses

  9. Awww (blush) Sally. I had such a lovely time with you Christmas Eve. I can't imagine it having been any more perfect. It was just like I imagined it would be, and even better. Your pictures reminded me of lots of the magical moments on that wonderful evening (I'm glad you didn't share our secret giggles quite yet. Now I know what ale tastes like AND what it does to a fella.) I'm so sorry I came with so little money to treat you like the princess that you are, but sometimes the simple times can be the most special. They sure were for me.

    I promise I'll send you some pictures as soon as I can after Moma and NinaGirl return home. I don't want to forget any of our memories. AND I'm hoping that we can make more together some time soon!

    Have a very happy New Year's Eve, my lovely Sally. I wish we could celebrate it together. It'd be a lot of fun. I know it would.

    I'll be remembering our time together as the new year strikes in.

    Love (blush)
    Jake xx

  10. Sally. I've only a moment, 'cause we're not supposed to be using PJ's comptuer. But I wanted you to know. It took Jake hours and several retries and mutlitple edits to send that comment to you. He is blubbering and stuttering. His eyes are glazed over and he's got an even more goofy expression on his face than usual. I think he's in love. I KNOW he had a wonderful time with you! Thanks for making my brother feel so special.

    Happy New Year,
    Fergi oo

  11. I TOLD ARCHIE NOT TO TAKE ALL HIS MONEY AT THAT GAME......BUT SCRUFFY EGGED HIM is still a sore point...I am so glad you has such a lovely time and we look forward to many more dates!!( Don't worry I will REALLY REALLY watch over these games..I think I will bring Lacie........) Love A+A

  12. Awwwwwwww sweety...
    you and Jake had a wonderful time together...
    you look soooooooo cute and happy together!!!
    Sure your day was magical!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!
    WE LOVE YOU ANd we want wish you all you desire for the new year!!!!
    You're such special friend!!!
    Have a wonderful night!!!
    SWeet kisses and licks

  13. WOW! I didn't get to do anything that was even close to being that fabulous!
    Your pal, Morgan

  14. What a fun and romantic date.
    Sally Ann

  15. Awww, how sweet. You two lovebirds sure had a good time together. We hope you'll be reunited again soon.

  16. We are so glad you and Jake had such a special night together. We hope it is just the start of something wonderful. Happy New Year to you from all of us.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

  17. What a romantic Jake is, Sally! Your red rose is just lovely! It sounds like a great first date to us!
    Happy New Year!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your visit and wanted to tell you what a delightful blog you have. I has given me a smile!

  19. I have never actually had a date, so you are one up on me! And if it involved sausages, well, I surely have been missing out!

    Happy New Year, lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

    Thanks for being our blog friends.

  20. Jake and Sally up in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
    1st comes love. Then comes marriage.
    Then comes Sally with a puppy carriage!!
    WelshieHugs, Hootie

    Sounds like it was a most excellent evening. The beer and sausages sounded devine!
    Smooches, BabyRocketDog

  21. Hi sweet Sally! I' m Clotilde Golden Retriever! On my blog Clotildosi si nasce is a beautiful new post! Remember: i love comments!
    Woof Woof!!!
    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    woof woof

    Clotilde Golden Retriever

  22. What a wonderful blog and post! My girls need to talk to you about the dating kind of thing...they're a little on the shy side!

  23. Oh Sally, What a great first date you two had!! We are so happy for you both!!!
    Happy new year to you and Paddy!!!
    We hope you all have the best year ever!!
    Big kiss for you both, Bambi & Fern

  24. Hi Sally and Paddy,
    It has been 20 degrees or lower for 9 days straight!!!! We are sick of it. Bambi and I have walked at least 3 times usually more a day in the cold. Bambi acts like she likes it, as long as we move right along. It is good for us to move right along. but I am an old lady and it is hard on me!!
    Big kiss for the pups, Bambi and Fern

  25. Heeheehee! It's so fun to come back here and see my happy self holding that rose for you! What great memories. (You make me look so handsome ... sorry, I just had to say it ... especially after the long trip I'd made to pick that rose from Gramma's garden and carry it clear over the big pee.)

    We are settling in, and I'm resting up. It was a crazy busy weekend, but it's looking more promising that life may begin to resume some normalcy. We've made Moma PROMISE to help me share some of my pictures ... BEFORE next Christmas eve!

    Recalling all the wonderful time we spent together
    Jake (and Fergi) xxoo

  26. Sally and Paddy,
    Just dropped by to see if you had blogged.
    I also wanted to stop by and say Hi.
    Hi Sally and Paddy and mom,
    Bambi, Happy & Fern

  27. Oh how romantic!!!! You are so beautiful!

  28. You are so cute! I'm writing to you from my blog for writers. Come visit me again at my animal blog...

  29. If I had known that dating involved sausages I would have paid more attention to wooing the ladies! J x

  30. Yes, Sally and Paddy, we are staying well, thank-you!!! Thank the Lord we are all well.
    This awful cold is gone for now. It did some damage in our yard but things will recover.
    We had not had that deep freeze in a long while.
    I am looking forward to your next blog. WE bloggers want to know!!!! Big kiss for you and Paddy, Bambi and Fern

  31. Ah Sally...ya had a super special first date with Jake...we sure hope that ya have many more too....the 2 of ya were meant fer each other....fer sure....

    Dewey Dewster here.....

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