Monday, 7 December 2009

A Welsh Christmas

Wow - what a wonderful weekend we had - we joined WELTAF and their Christmas walk! We met some lovely people and dogs - and we got to see Taffy again - we are getting lots of Christmas fun earlier than usual! We were thrilled they let us join them - D and C have a very special soft spot for Welsh Terriers. My Welsh brother Rowan went to the rainbow bridge last year and it stills is hard for D to write or talk about it. Maybe she will write about him in another post.

We drove to Battersea Park - and we did some moving photos of the scenery - Paddy loves to hang out the window - D puts Doggles on him to protect his eyes - but he eventually gets them off - and stays completely Al Fresco for the whole trip...

Paddy in the Limehoue Link tunnel...

Paddy's large nose and the Tower of London ...

Paddy and the Embankment with London Eye...

Paddy and the Houses of Parliament...

A very odd photo of Big Ben...

There are a lot more - but that would make this a very long blog. Plus the important photos are yet to come...

Like Meeting Taffy!!!

More welshies...

We were raring to get going...

I got to pull Blue around the park - I felt bad but when I am excited I just lose everything I learned in my Good Dog class. OOOps....

Group photo...

And a very festive Taffy...

Plus we got goodie bags for the dogs and for the humans too - it was the best! We just wanted to thank WELTAF for a wonderful day out and for letting us join them.

D needed to get a coffee (sadly she cannot do most things without the aid of caffeine!) - and on the way there was a charity plant sale and she bought a Blackcurrant sage - tastes like sage but smells like Blackcurrant. So she has planted it in the garden and hopes it will thrive - every time she looks at it she will remember the lovely day we had walking with the Welshies!

Lots of licks


  1. Sally
    What a pawfect day fow you and Paddy!
    Loved the pictoowes of him being chief navigatow.
    I'm so jelly that you got to meet Taffee, it must have been a totally pawfect day
    We had lovely visitows (Ewic's squawe pawents) this weekend, so we'we vewy vewy behind in bloggie land
    smoochie kisses

  2. We were hoping to find this post! We saw pictures over on Blue's blog and could tell you had a great time! Those pictures of London eased our worries a little bit. You know where the Tower of London is. Word has it that Moma may find herself there someday, for sneaking some Celestial Seasonings Tea into your country!! At least now we know that someone can drive by and wave at her.

    What lucky dogs you are to have met up with Taffy and his Welsh friends. Especially knowing about Rowan. We know you must miss him, and we're confident he was happy you were there to walk with the Welshies. What an honor!

    Jake has been daydreaming a lot. I think he is imagining his time with you, Sally. I'm guessing you are going to get along well. I've trained him to treat ladies with respect and courtesy!

    Enjoy the season! Maybe it'll snow!
    Fergi (and Jake)

  3. A Pawfect day. We think we would love London, but muzzer and dad say we cannot go, so virtual views are always welcome.


  4. What a big weekend! Pinkie loved the photos of London, she even had a tiny teeny weeny tear in her eye...

    What fun it would have been to get together with all the other midgets. Did Taffy behave?

    Any of us represented in the mix or grown ups not invited?

  5. It appears you had a very fine time with the Welshies. They must know how to have fun. We liked seeing London through Paddy's eyes, too. :)

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

    What a great great great day you had dear friends!!!
    Thanks for take us along with you!!!!
    So many wonderful many special friends....and bags of goodies for everyone!!!
    That's life!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.....we don't live soooooooooooooo time can you call us????
    We would love walking with you and meeting special friends like you!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses!!!!

  7. Ahhh PL2 always gets a lump as well when she sees all the welshies as her last pup before us was a welshie!!! and you got to meet the famous TAFF!!!!!!!! LUCKY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! Love and million kisses A+A PS if you need any tips before your date let Asta and Lacie and me know...we have a zillion tips to help..He is soooooo cute..... Aggie

  8. Great times!
    Great day!

    BTW, there is nothing wrong with khaffiene keeping out hoomans going!

    Tank woo fur sharing your GREAT time!


  9. What a beautiful day - and you got to visit with our pal, Blue! And see Taffy. We're envious.

    We girls think that Paddy looks pretty adorable in those goggles. Carrleigh is wondering if he dates other breeds???

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  10. Looks like you had a very very welshie time!! We're picturing you dragging Blue around. Sometimes we terriers can't help ourselves and just have to pull those slow humans along.

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake (not your Jake) and Just Harry

  11. We loved the London sights before you arrived at your destination!
    We wish we could have been there too! What a hoot that Taffy is with his Santa hat!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Wow! What a fantastic adventure! So many welshies and cool sites.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  13. Oh Sally and Paddy, you all had a wonderful time!! We loved the pictures of London!!!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!!
    Bambi sends wet kisses,
    I send you big old hugs for Sally & Paddy.

  14. Hey, leashes are for TUGGING! Oh yeah Sally, you are looking good~

    Bussie Kissies

  15. It was a fabulous day wasn't it and fantastic to meet you.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  16. Thank you for your visit. I love it!!
    I wish every animal lover had a rescued animal because from that time on that would be all they ever had from than on.
    Tail wags from Bambi,
    Sweet kisses from Me (Fern)

  17. Thanks for coming by our bloggy. We are so excited to meet you and to come back later to read all about you!(Mom says she needs to get some sleep-hah)
    The APO address for James does not need any country such as US on it. When American troops are in a base/post outside the states the address is APO and a number. The number tells the postal dept what cpountry it is. So all the address you need is on the blog. We sure do thank y'all! We will be back to visit!!!
    Jamie and the Texas Sun Dogs

  18. I have a question??
    Do you know Sasha?? She has Bambi name In Jazzi gift exchange. She has not blogged since before Thanksgiving. Jazzi's Mom and I are trying to find out if she is going to continue blogging and be in the gift exchange. If you know anything about what is or could be wrong it would be helpful. Fern

  19. No I did not pay the vet bills!!! Joker never was boarded again!! If he could not go than we did not go. That is the way it has been ever since.We don't have a pet sitter either. We just only go with our pets!
    Do you know anything about Sasha????
    Lots of hugs for you Sally and Paddy,
    Bambi and Fern

  20. Jazzi's Mom has found the daughter of Sasha Mom through Facebook and she emailed me last night. Sasha's Mom has been having computer problems!! bless her heart!! I had to email my address and then she can send the present.
    Isn't life grand!
    Thanks for your help, Fern

  21. Sally,
    Thank-you for all your visits. I feel we are very close. I hope you have a very good Christmas this year!! Have lots of fun and good cheer!
    Bambi and Fern

  22. Sally!

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, it's GRRRReat to meet ya!

    I'm adding you to my dogger blogger list so that I can visit more often.

    I hope you have a grrrrEAT day ahead!


  23. Hello Sally. Oh I'm so envious. wish I had know of the Welshies walk I would of like to wig my wag along too :( Sad for poor Mom about her Rowan. I bet he was there in spirit trittrotting beside you and Paddy. It looked a wonderful day and the sights of London are far improved by Paddy's black hooter.

    Hope the next walk we see you on Sally might be with a certain wiry pal we all know? *wink*

    Wiry love Eric xx

  24. Hi Sally and Paddy,
    Are you all ever going to blog again?? What have you guys been up to??? Do tell us!!
    I love all your visits so much, Thank-you!!!
    Bambi sends butt sniffs,
    Fern sends big big hugs to you and Paddy

  25. Nothing like seeing london from a snouter shot:) Luv it! yep, beans need caffeine to keep up with all the terriers & airedales... sometime making it a little irish helps too:)

    holiday kisses,

  26. Sally! Jake is on his way!!!! He is so excited. And nervous, too. He wants to make a good impression on you - being kind and sensitive and meeting your every need. He's quite the gentleman, and he worries. I'm sure you'll be having a wonderful time. I'll be anxious to hear all about it. Sadly, probably he'll be telling Miss Peggy before I get to hear all about your evening together, first hand.

    Hopefully he'll come home with some pictures.

    Oh! We have something for you! But we need your address! It may take a while to get to you ... Jake forget to bring them when he left. Silly boy!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and an even more wonderful Christmas Day! What a lovely, special, joyful season.

    Jake and Fergi's Moma (and NinaGirl)

  27. Hi Sally and Paddy,
    I am still checking on you guys!!
    I can hardly wait to hear what you all have been doing ?????????
    We had a wonderful Christmas!! I had a surprise gift, come and see what it was...
    Big hugs for the pups, Bambi and Fern

  28. I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have been to see you!!!! Time goes by so fast!!! Yes, thank you I am well!!! It feels so good to say that and that be the case!!!! I had had a fall in 07 and than again and again, I fell in 08 and in 09. I am finally all better!! Now I must not fall again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    I do very dangerous things in the yard everyday and that is where I fall. Tom says he is afraid, someday when he comes home he will find me dead in the yard!! I surely hope not, but it is possible!!
    Good to talk to you! Thank you for your visit. Come back soon!! Hugs, Fern

  29. Hi sweet Sally and Paddy,
    How are things with you all. With you not blogging we don't get to know what your world is about!!!!!!
    How about a blog!!!! Do tell!!!!!
    Thanks for your visit!!
    Big kiss for you two, Bambi & Fern