Monday, 12 October 2009

Fox Terrier Fun Walk 2 - the Return to Brighton

Hello everyone,

Guess what? We got to see Jackson again! Yep, we went to the Fox terrier Fun Walk - and I do not know how he did it - but Jax even arranged the sunshine. It had been raining all week and then on Saturday the clouds went away and we had blue skies and bright sun. D and C were complaining that they overdressed! We were groomed - lost our woolly coats - so we were just fine...

Here we are together (I am a little shy , but Paddy heard all about the walk from Jackson and was pointing in the right direction)

Now, our D was helping take roll call at the beginning - so she wasn't busy taking photos! So we have to 'borrow' some from others and let you know that Blue has some great ones of the walk on her blog. Jackson has organised photos on his Facebook Page. The walk was open to WFT and friends - the WELTAF group joined - aren't they lovely?

And here are the WFT...

I got to pull Blue the whole way round - we went all along the beach - took a break at a little coffee shop - and some dogs got to play in the water...

As you will see from Blue's Blog - I was forced to beg for my food! But I got lots of biscuits, cuddles and of course some coffee too. I needed the caffeine to keep my energy up!

Some people went back after the beach - but we continued on to Rottingdean - we saw Rudyard Kiplings house. D tried to take a picture of the Blue Plaque - but Douglas was leaving his own tribute...

We had a brief rest in the garden...

We went back on top of the cliffs. And started the long march home...

It was just beautiful - but we were getting tired and were all motivated by the thought of having something to eat when we got back to the Marina. Paddy was a real trooper - he kept up most of the way - but on the last descent - he fizzled out - So C carried him ...

We had a wonderful day - we want to thank Jackson with a big kiss - as he and J1 and J2 did a great job - they also organised goody bags - but we ate ours faster than D could take out her flashy beast! We think all our doggie pals enjoyed themselves - we were so pooped we slept all the way back and then some...

It was a beautiful walk on a beautiful day! In fact, we all want to move to Brighton!

Lots of licks
Sally, Paddy and Douglas


  1. What a fun day. It is so cool to see all those fox terriers all at once. I would like to have seen that. The pictures are so nice.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. What a great day you had, Sally! We sure wish we could have been there!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Every time we see more pictures, our tails wag and our moma smiles. It's such a great thing to see so many rough-coated terriers together! (And we still think Douglas looks a lot like Jake.)

    Love ya wirey much
    Fergi (and Jake!)

  4. What a marvelous day you had!! We were with you in spirit.

    Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. That looks like lots of WFT's having FUN FUN FUN!

    Tank woo fur sharing!

    I'm glad woo got to meet some of your furiends!


  6. wow! what a great day! I love all the pictures!

  7. Lucky U! I saw all of Jackson's pics his FB pages. I didn't know you were there too!!
    How fun!!

    Looks like you all had a super day.

    Lakie Lovin'!

  8. Oh Sally...we heard about the walk from Eric's person! We met her this weekend in Boston! She told us about Douglas...what a sweetie!!! He's very handsome!!

    Looks like you all had an amazing time on your walk and you got to see Jax again....oh how we would have loved to have been there!!!



  9. What a fun walk. I envy you getting to meet some Welshies.
    Sally Ann

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhh sweet Sally!!!!!
    What a wonerful day you had!!!
    And so many terrier friends all at once!!!
    We love all your pics...the beach was great!!!!
    SUre you live in a wonderfuò place!!!!!! much we would love were with you..even if we aren't beautiful terrier like you and Paddy!!!
    Have a super day!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how we would have LOVED to be there.......We could of shaken up the joint( but we are quite sure that with all those wires and welshies there was a lot of fun action going on!!! You guys are soo lucky!!!!!

  12. Us flat doggies thought of you all on your walk and wished we had been with you. Looks like a wicked day, I'm wagging you had such a great time- loved seeing all the photos!Thank you Sally!
    Wiry loves and kisses Eric xx

  13. Hi Sally and Paddy,
    Thank you so much for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.
    I just read your blog about your wonderful walk. It looked like you all had a very good time!!!
    Come again soon and I will be back to see you soon, Fern

  14. Deew
    Sally,Paddy and Douglas
    How wondewful that you got to go on this bootiful walk..the sea side, and Kiping too???
    Sally, I wish I lived thewe, I'm so jelly, you have so many tewwiew fwiends and such gowgeous places to go to. Thak you fow shawing the pictoowes and letting us come along
    smoochie kisses

  15. So. Wouldn't it be fun if all these doggies who left comments could gather and walk around the world together? What a great group of pals. We'd go pick up Jax, and off we'd go! We're gonna dream about that as we nap. We think it's a great idea.

    Love ya,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  16. Looks like loads of fun. I love Jake and Fergi's idea about walking around the world! That would be the most beauuuuutiful sight in the whole wide world!


  17. Hey we'd be in for a walk around the world...just so I have my purple 1000 ct. bed sheets and problem...

    Want some more pics of Douglas!!!!


  18. That looks like so much fun!

    You know I lost my little Kelly in the spring. We always knew that he had lots of terrier in him, but never knew quite what kind.

    I was studying your cute little face, and our little Kelly looked a lot like you!

  19. Hay you all,
    I woild like to be friends. Would you like to be friends? You have not come to my blog but one time. I would love to see you there again sometime soon.
    You might like my blog that I did today.