Sunday, 7 June 2009

Whack-A-Squirrel and we have a man down!

Hello Bloggeess - it has been a busy week for our little family unit.   D has been busy with work - and we have been accompanying her on many trips - none of them very exciting so not worthy of photos.  But I wanted to let you know that I have volunteered to be the UK Rep for Operation Whack-a-Squirrel.  The head of this campaign is Tank - if you would like to join please let us know.  El Presidente, Tank, has highlighted the menace that exists amongst us - grey squirrels!  (Disclaimer:  D wishes no life form any harm, and although she allows me to chase the beasts - she would be mortified if I caught one and would bring it to a Vet to have it resuscitated ) Sadly as she is a vegetarian - there was never much hope for support from her - in fact she is a traitor amongst us as she has been known to feed them - I USUALLY SEND THEM PACKING - so she has less chance of that these days.  In fact here is a photo of one of them on the feeder ...

I am now at the tree - and please note there is no grey beast around...

I spend many of my waking hours patrolling perimeters - I also manage reconnaissance missions in the nearby woods and mobilise fellow dogs in the chasing and scaring of the resident menace.  Sorry to any softies out there - but I do not like these things - and when I have my 'down' time - I practice on a dummy Squirrel - it helps keep my skills sharp....

One day - I will meet Mr Squirrel and there will be a rumble in the jungle - well .... woods - or a well maintained herbaceous border.  But that doesn't sound as dramatic - so jungle it is!  I have been to several Blogs - and this appears to be a global problem.  Will update soon with video footage of bravery during the call of nature...I mean Duty....

Now, Paddy as he is sight impaired - has been nominated for recruitment - but unfortunately he has been injured in a wanton and malicious attack - not squirrel related.  He accompanied D on one of her weekly Greenwich trips.  She was running an errand and went to the covered Greenwich market.  As soon as she entered - a loose, shaggy black dog came over and just attacked him!  The dog was not on a lead and the owner materialised minutes later!  Well, D was livid and used many HBO words (a phrase I have stolen from my American friends) The owner took no responsibility for his dog's actions - sadly they were unable to find the manager of the market and after a little rest to gather her nerves - D drove Paddy to the Vet's.  He got bitten round the neck and had a very nasty gash.  Thankfully they didn't get the face - so he still as  handsome as ever - he has a shaved patch though.  The hole in his neck is healing and he is on antibiotics - so he will make a full recovery.  D 'medicated' herself with a very nice glass of Merlot when she got home.

Afterwards we found out that the manager of the market was a friend of the individual who owned the dog and he was spectating and never did a thing.  The dog remained off lead and we were told they are there quite often - D strongly advises any London based dogs to avoid the Market at Greenwich - she would hate someone else to get hurt.  She is still shook up - but Paddy is enjoying all the attention.  She bought him this massive crocodile to help cheer everybody up....

If you ask me... he is playing it up a bit for all the goodies...

He has a check up soon and when he gets the all clear - he will be back in action.  D , however, may need a few more days - she loves us both very much and tries to give us a safe and happy life and it upsets her greatly that other people are not as responsible or caring.  

On a positive and happy note - the Annual Fox Terrier Fun Day is scheduled for the 19th of July - if you would like to attend - please go the the Fox Terrier Rescue website for further info.  We will be there - and we would love to see you there too!  

Lots of licks

PS A Big Thank you to the TN Bull Terrors and their DawgMum - they helped my computer challenged D put new things in the side bar.  A very special big lick to you.


  1. We're glad to hear Operation Whack a Squirrel is up and running in your country. Mom saw one of those beast in our yard yesterday but didn't tell us so we snoozed through it.

    It's so sad that some dog owners don't take responsibility for their pet's actions. Inappropriate owner's make our Mom use HBO words too (or at least think them!)

    We hope Paddy is recovering nicely. It sounds as if he will. And Mom says that D should probably continue on the Merlot medication. In fact she might raise a glass herself in honor of you.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Ciao Sally and Paddy!

    Oh, that story about Paddy upset la mia ragazza and me something fierce! We just do not understand why some owners don't take responsibility. Boooooooo!

    It's good to hear that Paddy is on the mend and that your sweet mama is recovering, too. Alligator stuffies and Merlot are both magnifico tonics!

    Tanti baci!

  3. Hi Sally -great work on behalf of whack-a-squirrel... my heart sank when I read the title of your blog post though. Poor Paddy... I'm so sorry he was attacked like that... and by one of our own!!! What is the world coming to??!!! Please be careful and thanks again for your hard work. Hope Paddy is doing well today.

  4. Sally, we don't ever have squirels in our garden now. I make sure of that!


    Oh dear Paddy this is just so awful. What a horrid thing to happen to you. The owner of that dog is so irresponsible and the dog should never be allowed off lead there ever again!
    I do like your crocodile, get well soon.


  5. What a great job woo do over 'there' fur our khause!

    I'm soooo furry sorry about Paddy - I'm sure woo and your mum will take good khare of him!

    PeeEssWoo: My mom likes the same medikhations as your mum!

  6. Hiya NY Bully Brats here - good to hear you are okay - i got attacked once by a loose doggie in my neighborhood and my mommy ended up getting hurt very bad trying to save me.

    thanx for your assistance with OWAS

    Woodrow Sweetie MJ

  7. OMG, how awful for Paddy! This dog should clearly not be allowed off lead if he bites! We hope he feels better soon!
    What a cool alligator!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Nothin makes DawgMom madder than irresponsible owners! We're sorry that happened to little Paddy, hope it doesn't make him afraid of other dogs. And yer welcome for the info! :)

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  9. Poor Paddy that's awful. I hope you get billions of treats and a million more of those HUGE stuffies to calm you Paddy.(Gosh how many squeekies in that one? !!) And a few glasses of stuff for your Mom. No wonder she said lots of the Chanel 4 after the watershed words, hehee!!

    And Sally, well done on the squirrel front frankly I can't be bothered. Now my pals Maggie and Flo have um both CAUGHT squirrels I'll bark more as your Mom and mine would faint.....

    Love the picture of square you by the tree!

    Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xxxxx

  10. Oh gee....everyone just waits fer those silly lookin' squirrels.....why they're not even an appetizer......stalk a groundhog 'n ya have a real meal....

    Sorry ta her about Paddy....there sure is a bunch of bad doggies around....even on your side of the big pee...Tell yer Mom ta take protection with 'er next time she goes ta the market....a walkin' stick should help with security....yers, Paddys and hers too....bullies need ta be dealt with....

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  11. WHew this is a jammed packed post...First as for those squirrel kids..THEY ARE OUR ARCH ENEMIES....ask PL2 she has one arm longer than the other from when we pull when we see them...As for that stupid stupid owner.....Well we can not even write the amount of HBO words that we would be using.... and it would take more than one glass for PL2...We are sending Paddy HUGE kisses and are glad that he has a lovely croc to help him heal....Love A+A PS Archie wants to know if Paddy would like us to come and "take care" of that owner..if ya know what I mean.let us know...

  12. Irresponsible owners are the work of the devil. We hope Paddy gets better real soon!

    Squirrels are also the work of the devil, the grey ones, we like the red ones!

    Rabbits are high on my list you want to fly up here and help me eliminate a few?

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxx

  13. Hi Sally & Paddy,

    yes yes, gots to keep your grey beastie skills sharp..looks like there are quite a few holes in it too. you'll make the perfect UK rep for Whack A Squirrel!

    Oh Paddy-- i think you need backup/bodyguard! if i were there, that shaggy thing of a dog wouldn't have tried to come near you. (that's when being from brooklyn comes in handy). but that is one fancy crocodile you got:) very cute.

    enjoy the hunt!
    toodles, tula