Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Douglas, Fizzy and Monsieur Bob

Well every bloggie,

We have been bursting with excitement - we looked at our calendars and it has been over a month that Douglas has been in his new home - and guess what? They love him! So he is officially adopted! Yep, he has found his forever home - he lives with a lovely family and a girl Airedale named Lulu. They have been on camping holidays already - here he is sitting in the front seat with his sister - they were eyeballing squirrels. Sadly they had to share their campsite with the beasts - how unfair, we know!

Here he is with her - at a campsite - still not squirrel free!

Here he is with one of his many new toys...

We are so happy for him - and we confess - a little sad too - he is such a sweet natured enthusiastic boy - how could you not get attached? But he is where he is happy - and that made a great Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one for D and C.

Now, we went to the Fox terrier Rescue and I was not amused! I still get a little worried I am being left - so I stuck by the exit or my humans - no one was going to get past me! But D explained we were there to meet Fizzy and Monsieur Bob! These two rescues came from a family whose circumstances had drastically changed and they couldn't keep them anymore. Well, Fizzy is a sweet girl - loves playing with toys - really dainty . Here is Fizzy with her new toy...(D and C brought a toy for each of them)

Bob is a very typical (boy) Wire! He is BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY! He kept playing and jumping and bouncing the whole time - most of our photos are blurry - here is one of the few still moments we captured of Bob (or Fizzy for that matter)...

He kept tying to steal Fizzy's toy - he had a toy - but Fizzy's toy always appealed to him that bit more...She kept it away from him for quite a while...(the girl has got some pretty good moves)

Well, she was right to argue with him - look what he did to the doggie stuffie!!!!! Who knew he was such an accomplished stuffie surgeon?

So we gave her the other toy - a big squeaky daisy - notice Bob peering over her shoulder?

Eventually she took a break to have a drink of water and look!!!!

But how can you get angry at such a sweet face?

They are really good together and just love having fun. D and C just loved them both - they need to find a home that will take both of them and has the time for them. There are a few families interested - hopefully they will find their furever home soon.

Don't you love their woolly coats ? They came in with their winter attire and they will be 'groomed' soon - but we like them better this way - they look like teddy bears.

Now we want to wish every doggy, kitty and beasty a very Happy Thanksgiving - we would love to be with you enjoying the celebrations and food! D says please send Pumpkin Pie!

We also are very moved by an award that has been given to us from two wonderful pals of ours. But we will post that separately - big licks

Sally and Paddy


  1. We smell turkey and, better yet, pumpkin pie. So this very brief message is to send our love, and to drop a hint of some increasing self-confidence for a certain boy to ask a certain girl for a special time together sometime this holiday season. We WILL be back!

    Fergi and her shy brother (Jake)
    Happy Thanksgiving from our side of the pond!

  2. HAppy happy happy Thanksgiving to all of you dear dear S&P!!!!!
    Hope you could have tons of treats all for you!!!!
    We send you love and happiness...
    we're thankful to have met're very very special friends for us!!!!
    HAve a great great day!!!!

  3. I love following the adventures of Sally and Paddy. I have expressed an interest with Fox Terrier Rescue regarding Fizzy and Monsieur Bob.

  4. Do Douglas and Lulu have a blog?? We thnk they should, we want to be friends!!

    In the picture with the toy, we're not quite sure which is Fizzy and which is the toy..Fizzy looks like the fluffiest cutest toy herself! In fact, all you WFT look like cute fuzzy teddies...

  5. Fab news on Douglas.Thats made my day. hope Fizzy and Monsieur bob get the homes they desrve before too lond, That Bob looks a boy after my own heart.Think it's in the boy jeans? Apart from Jake of course who seems the perfect gent Sally!

    Wiry loves and kisses Eric xxx

    Woohoo - just seen one of your comments talks about adopting them both - let is know.

  6. I hope you got lots of table treats today!

    It sounds like fun to have new friends to stay with you for a while while they find their furever families!

  7. We are thankful to read such great news!

    Khonversely, I am sad to see the plight of Fizzy and Monsieur Bob - we do hope they find furever happiness SOON!

    We khonkhur on the pawesome winter khoats!

    Tank woo fur being my pal!


  8. Oh my dogness! Was this post ever packed full of exciting info!

    First of all ... we are waggin happy that Douglas got his furever home and it looks like he fell into a gold mine with his new family! We had a bit of separation anxiety set in, cuz we fell in love with that boy Douglas. If we lived on that side of the pee, we might've become a three dog family. But we're happy it looks like he's found the perfect place for him. (PLEEZE, if you have a chance, encourage them to blog.)

    And NOW! Fizzy and Monsieur Bob! What a cute bundle of energy! Makes us happy beyond words that the hope is to adopt 'em together. And MAYBE somebody is already interested in them????? AND somebody who already blogs! Now that's an exciting possibility! You KNOW how much we want to encourage rescue and adoption! Keep us posted.

    And finally. On more personal matters. Jake has been trying to paw out an invitation. He keeps getting hung up on the right words. But, Sally, we think he'd really like to .... uh, oh! Gotta go! I hear him coming down the hall.....


  9. I am trying to to arrange to see Monsieur Bob and Fizz Bomb. I hope I can see them over the next few days.

  10. We're so happy that Douglas is happy! What great news!
    Our paws are crossed that Fizzy and Bob find as wonderful a forever home as Douglas did!
    We hope your Thanksgiving was an awesome one, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Hi Sally & Paddy!
    Good work- give yourself a paw on the back:) Fizzy .. as in her fizzy furdo- perfect name! What a couple of cuties.. there's gotta be a home out there somewhere.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  12. Oh my - we don't know how you do it. It takes special people to be able to foster rescues and then send them on. We don't think our Mom would ever be able to let those two cuties leave. Kudos to your special family.

    We're so happy to hear that Douglas has a wonderful home.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  13. Ohhh we are so happy about Douglas!!!! ANd what a cutie Fizzy and Bob!! Arch and I were talking and thought what fun it would be if there were 4 of us so we ran and told PL2 and she fainted HA!!!!!!!!!!!! Love A+A

  14. Awww...they are all so adorable. I luv them too!
    We're so happy that D found a great home with a big sis to look after him!
    Fizzy is gorgeous!! Ohmyohmy!!And bob ...what a cutie.

    Everyone looks so happy happy and that makes my heart gleem with joy!

    Lot'so Lakie Luv!

  15. Douglas does indeed look happy in his new home. You did a great job helping him make the transition. Your two new little ones are awfully cute too :) They do look like teddy bears, and really do know how to play with their toys!

  16. Hi Sally and D,
    We are so glad that Douglas is so happy in his now forever home!!!!!! Such good news!!!!
    I am glad that you are feeling better D...
    Yes, Fizzy and Bob do look like teddy bears!!! I hope they find a good home together..They are cute as could be!!!
    If you find out that Douglas 's home blogs let us all know, we want to follow his life and good times!!
    So good to hear from you D!!
    Bambi sends her love to you and Jake and Fergi, and from me too, Fern

  17. I am so sorry I was just on Two Specail Wires and went off my game!!! So sorry!!!
    Bambi sends her love to you Sally and Paddy and Fizzy and Bob, Fern does too....
    P. S. sososo sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!