Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Paddy reporting about the Lake District

Hello everyone,

Paddy reporting today - Sally has problems with her paws again and she won't be able to type.  She is wearing little girls socks - sadly the socks in this household seem to go astray - so Sally isn't wearing matching ones.  D thinks they escape from the dryer - maybe it is like Colditz and they tunnel their way out of the dryer?   Well here is Poor Little Sally:

Sally is looking very sorry for herself - so we all hope she gets better soon and her paws clear up.  

Well, we had a very busy week!  After having lots of fun in Salzburg at the wedding of the century - we were off to the Lake District!  D and C love this area of England and love to go hiking.  D also likes all the Antique shops and small little Junk Shops along the way.   She bought lots of embroidered tablecloths - which is odd as she never uses them...go figure.

Well, it was a very wet and windy week - so in most of the photos I have sticky uppy ears - we walked lots and ate at a lot of Pubs - I really like going to a Pub after a walk and eating something - D and C drank local Ales and we all left with rosy cheeks.  

We did a lot of walking and sightseeing - so I will try and pick out the highlights - otherwise this would be one very long blog....

Here I am sitting on the doorstep of our little cottage - the two legged ones take forever to get ready - I couldn't wait....

We were ready for any walk - here is us trying to pull D up the road to get a move on...

We were staying near Wastwater (England's deepest lake) in the shadow of Scafell Pike (England's highest mountain) - we did go for hikes in the hills - but the wind stopped us from going up the really high peaks as everyone was afraid we would be blown off the mountain - and at times it really did feel like we might be.  I was really good on the hikes - although I have my sight impairment - I have all the spirit to make it up those mountains - here I am on the way to Great Gable - we are overlooking Wastwater - it was beautiful...

We did make it down and very predictably ended up in the pub - I got a lot of attention - but no Ale - very unfair...

At Wastwater is the smallest church in England - it is called St. Olaf's - we went in and said prayers for  all our friends and family - it was a time of great reflection - I sat peacefully too - although I did want to water the Yew trees outside - sorry...

We also spent an afternoon at the beach - Sally really let her fur down and ran like mad.  D had an idea I was ready for some off leash time - so she let me off and I ran straight towards Scotland - they caught up with me and I was put back on.  It was a fun game for me - I was going to Scotland to visit all my Scottish pals...D didn't understand...

Here is Sally and me at the beach - it was very windy!! No bucket and spade for us I am afraid 

We visited several towns but I thought I would point out a special place for my friends on the other side of the pond - in Whitehaven there is a plaque commemorating Mildred Gale - paternal Grandmother of George Washington - who was from Virginia but went to Whitehaven where she now rests.  Sally wanted to head to the coffee shop - she isn't one for history I am afraid!  

While we were at Whitehaven we saw a really funny bunch of geese hanging outside the YWCA - not sure what interested them - but I sure hope it was fun.

I had a wonderful time - and we were out every day - plus we were allowed in the pubs and restaurants - I even got let into a few historic buildings - my favourite was an old working mill - where I got angry at the resident cat and paid no attention to the nice man - but in my defence he started it - I was minding my own business when he came right over and smacked me in the face!!!   Hows that for Northern hospitality?  Maybe he was jealous of my rakish good looks...

Anyway - I was really pooped at the end of each day and pretty much ended them fast asleep in front of the TV.  

Well thats it for now - we all hope Sally gets better soon - lots of licks



  1. WOW!

    If I was off leash, I'd be in Skhotland befur ye!

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry about Sally's paws! Tank woo fur sharing your grrreat pikhs - Mom says sharing some of the ale would have been nice too!

  2. Oh Sally I hope you feel better and get back to typing soon!

    Big Luvin,

  3. Waouw...beautiful pictures ! Your country looks so fabulous....
    I hope Sally will feel better soon....
    Kisses, Faya

  4. Well Paddy - you've done a wonderful job -

    Sally will be happy - you've not let her down.

    We wish Sally a SPEEDY recovery..

    What a GREAT adventure - Scotland you say, maybe you should send them a postcard instead.

    In the pubs - Bogart needs to see this post and send it to the folks in Portland...

    Thank you so much for sharing


  5. Yeah, Paddy, I get that same treatment from cats, too. They must be jealous of our movie star looks or something. We handsome fellows have to deal with that all the time. Beautiful scenery, there. Didn't know George's grandma was there. Nice memorial to her. :)

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  6. Hi Paddy!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us these wonderful photos about your walkie!!!
    You have visited such a gorgeous places....awwwwwwwwww.....we're explorer like you so we would love to be with you exploring all togheter!!!!!
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....poor Sally........we're so sorry fur her.....hope she's feeling better soon.....
    we'll cross our paws and keep her in our prayers and thoghts.......
    we know you not too much but we love you a lot yet!!!!!
    Please..... let us know news about Sally asap!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!

  7. Your photo of Wastwater on the way to Great Gable is just gorgeous! Mom says it's pretty enough to be a cover on a book!
    Our paws are crossed for Sally! We hope she gets better soon!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hey, Paddy & Sally!

    Your trip looks FABULOUS! I wish more places here in the States would let dogs in to eat. It looks like you guys made your mark on the Lake District.

    Please tell Sally that we're sending some healing goob smooches for her paws. She looks very cute in her little girl sockies.

    Goober love,

  9. Hello Paddy. What a wicked time you all had!! They let you in lots of places?? I'm gob smackered!!! I'm always hanging about outside places while the other dogless leggeded one goes inside. What were you doing running to Scotland Paddy? Your dinner bowl is down south!!

    Please tell Sal I'm sad and sorry for her. What does the vet say? Do they still think it's food? Poor Sal, how miserable for her.Hope they get it under control for her soon.

    Wiry wags n kissies Eric xxx

    Wiry wags, Eric xxxx

  10. Oh we love going on tours and this was was especially nice! All those beautiful sights and yummy bakeries and pubs that you could go in, and such great places to hike! Did Sally's paws start giving her trouble on the trip? We're hoping they heal up fast. But in the meantime, she looks cute in her socks!

    Wirey best wishes,
    Jake and Miss Fergi

  11. Paddy and Sally
    So glad to see you again..I've missed you!
    Thanks fow visiting Taylow. I'm afwaid, I posted too soon, and she didn't get a chance to do hew post yet..maybe you can go back tomowwow.
    How awe Sally's little footies?
    I hope they'we bettew, although she suwe looked bootiful in those socks..the mismatched look is all the wage hewe.
    Paddy, thank you fow that toow..such bootiful scenenwy and some cool histowy too. I'd love to go to a pub.that sounds supew fun. Hope you bof have a lovely weekend
    love and smoochie kisses

  12. Paddy and Sally,

    We're back! We wanted to thank you for the nice comments and well wishes for Miss Fergi as she was going through the ordeals of the past few days! We love imagining your dance of happiness and hope that Sally's paws don't keep her from enjoying dancing!

    It was fun, too, revisiting Wastwater and the surrounding area. Wouldn't it be fun to meet up in a pub someday?

    Enjoy what's left of your weekend!
    Jake and Fergi

  13. Gee Paddy....

    It looks like ya all went on a special Holiday.....I think that's what the British call it....oh, ya said ya were Scotish, didn't ya ??? I think we need ta get Gram ta take us over the big pond cause here in the states pretty much the only place doggies are welcome are the dog stores.....unless yer a service dog, anyway......we would have enjoyed a game of chase with those geese......we would have been the ones doin' the chasin'....they would have been doin' the runnin away.....

    Have a great week and we hope Sally feels better soon.....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  14. Hi Paddy & Sally,

    What happened to your toe toes? fabby sockies though! Good thang Paddy could type for ya and share such a fun walkie. Tossing a couple ales back, hiking, near escape to Scotland and a little wirey wading in the water. i would be zzzzzz for dayz too.

    can't wait to see your next adventure.
    Great stuff:)


    Pee sesses: i think you're right, water retention! my extra poundage is due to water retention. thanks. now back to eating my cookies-he he

  15. oh I am so sorry to hear about Sally's paws, and hope they improve soon. We have no matchng socks in this house either!

    Your trip to the Lake District looked lovely, we have been there a few times, it is grrrreat.

    My J and my Pa always end up in the pubs as well, they blame it on getting thirsty on the long walks!!

    I wish you could have made it up to Scotland, I would have had a cold beer ready for you! lots of love, Marvin xxxxx Who has lots to catch up on!!

    Healing licks to poor Sally too!

  16. Hey Sally, What is the deal with your front legs? Is it allergies like Hootie? Do the sox really help? We think they look tres chic on you!!
    XOXO-BRD & Hootie