Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Failed Foster , New Friend Max and missing Freedom

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in blogging - my typist has been working on a project and was not available - where are her priorities?  

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter that was filled with good food and fun.   Well, I had a little surprise because we went to the Fox Terrier Rescue for Easter - and we came back with a very strange looking bunny.  

I think you may know him as Paddy - well, D and C just couldn't stop thinking about him.  They fell head over heels for him when he was here.  They aren't very good fosters - because they failed on their first foster!  

I have been extra special BOSSY - I am not so good with change - I am not so secure about things.  But D and C are working hard on making sure I have my space and lots of love to reassure me everything will be ok.  Paddy has settled in well - he is really sweet and when he gets a little more settled - I might let him comment from time to time! Looks like Paddy's here to stay.

I have another new friend that I met through D - he is a 14 year old Tong Gau - that means a Hong Kong breed that is local to the area.  He lives in a great little area called Pok Fu Lam (in the hills near a large reservoir that looks like a lake and is filled with Turtles and Koi Carp - really pretty) and has lots of various animal friends.  He has just started blogging - so if you could drop by and welcome him that would be great!  He has a really powerful bark - but is a softy at heart.  His name is Massimilliano - drop by and bark at him - he speaks lots of languages - so you can bark in whatever lingo you want - Thanks!


It was nice seeing everyone at the rescue - lots of dogs have found there furever homes and that makes everyone smile. But a Fox terrier has gone missing and if you can go to the website or look at the photo - just be on the lookout for him - He is about 10 years old, sticky-uppy ears and his name is Freedom.  His owners are besides themselves with grief - so we want to do everything to help him return home.  

If you have any information - please let his owners know - he was lost in the area of Ferndown in South Dorset, 5-10 miles north of Bournemouth.

Well, my typist promises to be more loyal and there will be more posts from me and Paddy  - Licks for now


  1. Is Paddy with you to stay? I always think having another terrier in the house is fun!

    Happy Tails,
    William Tell

  2. How wonderful that you have a new brother, Sally! What a cutie Paddy is!
    Our paws are crossed that Freedom is found soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. WOO HOO!! Hooray for Paddy and your legged ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PL2 started cying about the lost puppy......we hope he is found..Love A+A

  4. Sally - what an BIG adventure you & Paddy are on..Congratulations!!!!

    Glad you have a place to call your own & now share with Paddy..(with you own very special place to get away for the crazy going ons of a family)

    Freedom we wish for a quick safe return to his family for we know they are missing him bad...

    We'll swing over and say "HEY" to Massimiliano!!!

  5. Sally!!! Oh wow! You have Paddy!!!! I'm so wagging HAPPY for him, you will be too I know when you've had your little paddy, heeheee!!
    I'll check out you new friend and poor Freedom too. Hope he's back safe soon.

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  6. Sally
    I am thwilled wif the failed fostewing news! I'm suwe you will leawn to love having Paddy awound all the time. I'm so sowwy about the lost foxy..I hope his pawents find him..it must be heawtbweaking fow them.
    I will go say hello to youw new fwiend too
    smoochie kisses

  7. Yippee!!!!!! A furever home for Paddy! That's what happened with me, Fergi! Mom won't admit it, but I was sort of a failed foster, too. I came to what's now home last May, straight out of the mill (Mom even took me to the vet to have "my surgery") and was "fostered" there for a coupla weeks (till they all went out of town. As soon as they got back (two months later) I went right back "home". And now I'm here furever!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my birthday party. It was great fun. I'd been waiting nine years for that!

    We'll do our best to help Freedom find his (or her?) way back home.

    Off to meet your new friend....
    Miss Fergi (and sleeping jake)