Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gone too Long!

Hello all,

It is me, Sally!  Do you remember me?  My hired help has been so very busy and haven't been doing the important things - like blogging!  But we have been reading all your exploits - even if we do not always leave comments!

Well, it has been busy - and one thing that has been making us all very busy is our new little brother....Yes, we would like to introduce Klaus!  He is a Border Terrier X maybe, we don't know much about his past - but we know his future will be a lot better!  He is really a lot of fun - and sometimes to much - but he respects me and doesn't push me when I give him the 'stare'.  So he can stay....

Our little spring lamb....

More photos of our little annoying, I mean, adorable brother....

Also we are having another Fox Terrier Fun Walk!!!

It will be in Brighton on the 21st of April - and we are so excited - we will be seeing our pals again and are so looking forward to it.  If you want to join you can email my peeps - or go to the or for all the details

Hope to see you there!