Monday, 24 May 2010

Paddy Update

Thank you so much for all your positive vibes - they mean so much to us and we are sure Paddy is feeling them.

What can we say about the little man? Monday morning we transferred him to the Royal Veterinary College. He was in a lot of pain with a very swollen abdomen. He had a very good Internist and Ultrasound technician working on his behalf, they discovered a blockage in his bladder, which would require surgical removal.

But he must have gotten all your vibes and heard the word 'surgery' and on his way to the operating room - he peed the longest pee and flooded the hallway along with the nurse's shoes! (Hopefully they won't put new shoes on the bill)

Wonderfully he had cleared himself of the blockage. So they decided not to operate and see if they can control everything in a non invasive way! He still wasn't eating at that point - and they said if it continued he would be put on a feeding tube - but he must have heard them that time too and ate some chicken! Just boiled chicken - he has no interest in the canned food - but who can blame him?

But he is feeling better all round - he is eating on his own and plays with his toy in his cage. So we are awaiting a few more tests - but if all is well we pick him up tomorrow.

They did find a 'growth' on his bladder - it isn't causing the blockage - but they are not sure what IT is - perhaps a polyp - perhaps worse - so please send all your positive vibes that it is benign - we will go back in a couple of months to do another ultrasound and see if it has grown.

We are so indebted to all of you for your support and good wishes - they mean so much to us and I know Paddy feels them and they helped him get better.

Lots of licks

More healing vibes needed for Paddy

Dear All

Paddy has had another pancreatitis attack - he was doing really well and then it just started. At 3 am we woke to him being sick - we rushed him to the Emergency Vets - and he has been there for 2 days. He is on fluids and painkillers - but although he is not critical like before - he is still in a lot of pain and he refuses to eat or drink. He should be showing signs of improvement and he hasn't.

We are worried for him - and we are hoping you could send some positive energy our way - and help Paddy bounce back. He has all the terrier tenacity - but might need some help to kick start it!

Here is a photo of him in happier times - during a visit to the Lake District...

Thank you for all your positive vibes and for listening - we cannot bear the thought of him suffering and want to do everything to help him - we are hoping he can come home soon

A very worried D, C and Sally