Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My Gotcha day!

Hey everybloggie

We must apologise for not writing sooner - we have dropped by the blogs - but D has been too busy to type for us! She did say she would rather blog than do all the other things she has to do - so we forgive her.

Well, it was 3 years ago - on this date - that I came to live with D and C. Rowan, my brother Welsh Terrier came too - but he went to the Rainbow Bridge on the 16th of October, 2008. D still finds it hard to write about him or look at his photos - we miss him very much.

D does not have too many photos of me from the early days - I was very shy and scared and when the flashy beast came out - I would run and hide. I was a very scared little girl and would sleep all scrunched up in the corner of the kitchen. I use to hide in the back garden (or jungle)- D would like everyone to know the garden has been cleared up and she will post pictures in the summer to prove it!

But NOW - I am a sweet (D's words) and happy little girl - I pose for the cameras - and I now sleep cuddled up next to my D and C. I have been joined by Paddy (His gotcha day is Easter Sunday - that is why D nicknamed him Bunny) Here are some photos of the happy secure me

Well, got to run - we are having a carpet fitted today - and D still hasn't cleaned the room.

Lots of licks